Tomorrow will be better, ready to lick the screen?


juziyule· 2016-08-07 20:16:08

recently foreign fans of the younger sister who also look at our husband, just brush micro-blog, also saw some people say that there are foreign fans on twitter tube she wants Ning Zetao and Sun Yang photos!

the comments we said, we can't give you the old male, Liu Baobao can be considered "img_box

also said Ning Zetao could do a tour of swimming will..

hahaha this absolutely can have! And be sure to buy front row tickets, water spray to splash the kind of!

support the majority of users even pool all gave him to good! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" of course, this is a joke, tomorrow morning, there will be Ning Zetao's game!

what? Don't know what time it is? Don't worry, the whole schedule is served!

is the first No. 8 at two six in the morning, the husband hurriedly remember the game time, set the alarm, ready to lick the screen ready!

expectations, the pressure must be big, but don't worry, no matter how successful, you are the best! Come on! Class= img_box "

in addition to Ning Zetao, Sun Yang's game is not over yet!

lick the screen time:

8.9 9:00-11:00 man

8.14 9:00-10:40 since the 200 final of the men's 1500 meter freestyle final

to prepare a small bench, to her husband they were cheer!

last sentence

finally shared a Ning Zetao in front of Sun Yang! Ah, ah, sweet death! Class= img_box "

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