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original title: "240 million project sold 45 million" case tracking SASAC investigation of Baiyun Airport to bid

Hou Jun, China Times reporter intern reporter Zhao Yi Guangzhou reported static

was listed as key projects of Guangdong Province, the Baiyun Airport changed the expansion project was traced to the presence of collusion, illegal subcontracting, with huge cash transfer standard and other serious illegal plot. In July 25th, the "China Times" reporter to "Baiyun Airport Project 240 million standard shady: Honda business car transport bill 1 days out of 32 million cash transactions" as the title of this to be reported, caused widespread concern.

, however, the event related units in the event of exposure to different attitudes. In addition to the Baiyun Airport expansion project unit at the Guangdong airport management group, Guangdong province SASAC statement will be involved in the investigation, involved in the winning unit of Guangdong industrial equipment installation Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "provincial security company") is lukewarm, refused to accept a reporter to interview, the Office staff to open company executives what would be the secret with reporters questioning.

2014 provincial state-owned enterprises suspected of involvement in illegal operations in early December, the owners of units in Guangdong Province Airport Management Group Limited construction headquarters issued a tender notice, looking for "the traffic center of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport expansion project and parking building mechanical and electrical installation project" bidding unit.

this is a project of Guangdong provincial key projects -- Baiyun Airport expansion project, the construction content is within the scope of the project procurement and installation of water supply and drainage, ventilation, air defense, engineering machine and other equipment of the project tender, the total price of 240 million yuan. After

2 weeks, the successful outcome of the project bidding and bidding pre release, including Guangzhou City Electrical Installation Co. Ltd., Guangdong Hydropower Bureau two Limited by Share Ltd, Guangdong industrial equipment installation company, Guangdong engineering company, Guangzhou City days source hydropower equipment installation Co. Ltd, Jiangxi Province installation engineering Co. Ltd. and other 6 companies passed the qualification examination, enter the next round.

2015 in January, the project released the results of the final bid, Guangdong provincial industrial equipment installation in 239 million 860 thousand became the first successful candidate limited company, followed by Guangzhou City Electrical Installation Co. Ltd., Guangzhou hydropower equipment installation Co. ltd..

"China Times" reporter to master the material, a name called "Yang Guang" mysterious person is the bidding activities behind the scenes, and eventually won the bid by the provincial security company. But after winning the bid, the project referred to by the name of Qiu Moupeng, Huang Mourong specific contracting.

is a specifically involved in the above matters who told reporters that before the project bid results released, Yang Mou repeatedly said to him, he is "RBI relations" make arrangements for this project, and charged about 10000000 yuan advance intention to buy a standard A. Soon after, Yang told him that the project has been taken, the requirements of A one-time payment of the remaining about 30000000 yuan to buy standard costs.

so Huang Mourong became the final contractor for the project, follow-up 32 million yuan to buy the standard made by the arrangement of men (see "payment details of Baiyun Airport Project 240 million standard shady"). A Huang Mourong, A et al. Together to discuss the matter of the recordings showed that Huang Mourong on why it got this subject that he and Yang eventually reached the above a project, that he recognized the "one-time settlement" is the standard rules. In the recording, Huang also said that this thing is illegal, and requires the presence of people do not sound recording and so on.

but, ironically, in a dispute resolution and other personnel for materials, Huang Mourong said, "as I Yang (Yang Mou) designates, in charge of the airport project. "In addition, he also said," never in this project with the provincial security company and Yang Guang had any irregularities (including the transmission of benefits, the purchase of works, etc.)". Material on the Yellow my signature.

it is understood that the above material is Huang Mourong to the provincial security company. The yellow and partner dispute, alleged violations of others to borrow qualification bid and bid the Anyang company coordinated, yellow for safeguarding their own rights and interests in the readme. However, the material has all the details of the details of the project exposure, that is, the project by the provincial security company won the bid, Yang will be referred to the Yellow contract.

an interview to avoid illegal enterprises to report illegal Mourong Huang told reporters that he had repeatedly to the provincial security company to reflect this, the first provincial security company attaches great importance to, asked Huang Mourong to deal with the matter, in order to avoid the provincial security company was involved. But then, the province an attitude change, no longer ignore.

and multi provincial security company fourth branch is responsible for the recording shows, they to the Baiyun airport project was subcontracted one thing is clear, for the contractor to deal with disputes between the hope.

8 3, fourth provincial branch general manager Zhang Danyu face reporters, refused to bow hand posture, he said the matter is not convenient. In the province, for violations of the Baiyun airport project, the office staff directly Panxing refused a reporter's interview request.

7 21, 22, August 3rd, the reporter had three degrees at work time to the provincial security company, but the company's general manager Jin Weidong are not in the post. In this regard, the staff said "Mister Panxing outside the meeting". When the reporter asked to provide a meeting to record and the name of the specific meeting, pan to "this is confidential" response.

Guangdong industrial equipment installation Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and the latter is the people's Government of Guangdong Province under the state owned enterprises.

and the provincial security company directly refused to accept the interview, compared to the project owners involved in the matter is positive. Guangdong airport management group propaganda department told the "China Times" reporter, in published reports, the Guangdong Civil Aviation Airport Construction Co., the company attaches great importance to, according to the program launched the first survey, interviews with informants, made a report to the superior. The company is strictly in accordance with the procedures for further investigation. Superior and the Guangdong Provincial Airport Management Group, the party's attitude firmly, requires careful investigation, to find out the truth, to clarify the responsibility. If the companies involved in related personnel suspected of violation of discipline, the discipline seriously. Suspected of illegal clues, will be transferred to judicial organs.

8 month 3 days, Guangdong province airport management group superior unit of Guangdong province SASAC Discipline Inspection Commission official said, they have taken note of relevant reports, and has asked the relevant units to investigate the matter seriously, but the investigation will take some time.

Beijing Huicheng Law Firm Wang Yunzhi lawyers pointed out that, in accordance with the provisions of the "construction law" article twenty-eighth, where the contracting units in the project to undertake the project, not to send the project management team, not for quality, safety, schedule management, not in accordance with the contract agreed to fulfill contractual obligations, whether the contracted project subcontract to all others, or on behalf of the sub project will be dismembered after subcontracting to others, are illegal subcontracting behavior.

and the "construction law" provisions of article twenty-ninth, the legal subcontractors should have four conditions: (1) can be part of the contracted project subcontracting, but the implementation of construction contract, construction of the main structure of the project must be completed by the general contracting unit itself; (2) the subcontracting units shall have the qualification the corresponding condition; (3) in addition to subcontract general contracting contract, other subcontractors shall be approved by the construction unit; (4) the subcontracting unit shall be prohibited to sublet the contract again. Any breach of one of the above conditions, should be set as an illegal subcontracting.

if the provincial security company in violation of the above provisions, is suspected of breaking the law, should be held accountable for its illegal. Wang Yunzhi said.

he further pointed out that the public security organs, the discipline inspection departments to deal with the media exposure of the manipulation of bidding, to buy huge amounts of cash for the subject matter involved in the investigation, to find out the truth, pursue illegal responsibility, give the public an explanation.

it is understood that the storm triggered a storm of this Baiyun airport project has entered the implementation phase, but the amount of work completed only about 1/5.

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