Ten years in a flash! Yi Jianlian and Durant meet the fate of

Yi Jianlian Durant fate

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this morning at the end of the Rio Olympic Basketball group phase Chinese VS America's game, one-sided result is not unexpected, but I did not expect was that it happened, Yi Jianlian and Durant each scored 25 points and tied for the highest, while their origins can be traced back ten years ago.

in the summer ten years ago, as a member of the popular talent, Yi Jianlian and Durant together in the small green house waiting for the call of destiny, Yi Jianlian in the first round of sixth by the Bucks selected to go, Durant is the Sonics (thunder's predecessor) to pick off.

and Yi Jianlian Durant in the summer league 200 years

Beijing time January 3, 2008 NBA official website announced in December that district rookie of the year, Milwaukee striker Yi Jian and Seattle supersonics bucks defender Kevin Durant were elected.

Yi Jianlian in December, averaging 12.1 points and 6.6 rebounds, forward, rebounding and scoring second in the rookie, shooting (50.3%) is the highest rookie of the first list, out of time (30.6 minutes) third, December 22nd the Bucks beat 103-99 Yi Jianlian also take the Bobcats under the occupation career first double double (29 points and 10 rebounds).

but after two NBA career embarked on a completely different path, Yi Jianlian after the team finally had to leave, Durant is a step on the road to super giant.

2010 years in order to meet the upcoming World Championships, Yi Jianlian and Durant attended the launch ceremony at the New Jersey, two people have their national team headed star. />

Durant led a bunch of superior strength of his teammates, bug play and feel hot, relaxed and happy 14 shots in 10, showing the international arena big kill power; Yi Jianlian as the China team only a team with the United States Gang a point, it is not easy to operate.

by Yi Jianlian, with the game's performance to create a Sino US Olympic history of the Warring Chinese players scoring record. In front of the Sino US men's basketball team in the hands of the Olympic Games, the highest scoring Chinese players is Song Ligang, he in 1988 Seoul Olympic games against the United States in 16 of the cast in 7, 20 points and 9 rebounds. />

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