Chengdu high birth of this artifact, as large as millet MAX! Is a national first!

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mentioned medical ultrasound imaging equipment, we make up the brain picture are hundreds of pounds of" big man ", not too inconvenient to carry emergency maneuvers, emergency trouble......

just yesterday, the Chengdu high tech Zone enterprise way technology officially announced its innovation research and development of the first intelligent handheld ultrasound products - 14px; line-height: 1.5em text-indent:; 2em; > applause - M MU1 convenient where?

volume is 6 "intelligent mobile phone size weight is less than compared to the previous few hundreds One hundred pounds of equipment, this is more convenient to carry, only need to hold in the hand, put into the pocket.

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full touch screen operation, easy to use;"

Android system, intelligent assistant for specific disease;

online learning, simplify the difficulty of using ultrasonic equipment.

mSonics MU1 - it is understood that the applause with ultrasound core algorithm of independent research and development of leading international. By combining with the intelligent hardware and the realization of a powerful operation function of . With the full touch operation is simplified "font-size: 14px style= as an example of , a medical scan was performed in the traditional way, the doctor takes about 300; key press, and now, a handheld ultrasound imaging system, the number is only about 10 .

applause with , imaging more clear advantages of etc. . now has to obtain a registration certificate of mSonics MU1 have been put into clinical trial," new high "handheld ultrasound has been in Beijing, Shandong and other city hospitals in < span style= font-size: 14px line-height: 1.5em; text-indent:; 2em; color: RGB (255, 41, 65);" > , 14px; line-height: 1.5em; text-indent: 2em; > "and other departments on post operation.

Beijing at a local hospital, Department of anesthesiology:

" anesthesia may not buy too many big ultrasound equipment, mSonics MU1 easy to use, and the price is low relative to the desktop ultrasonic imaging, clear, it guided injection has obvious advantages, especially in the face of a lot of blood vessels and nerve tissue structural abnormality, " brings great convenience and safety for clinical >MU1: clear visual interface."

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handheld ultrasound and silver needle therapy combined with quality. "Silver needle therapy mainly used by other non operative therapy in severe disease or invalid spinal soft tissue pain patients, curative effect. handheld intelligent mobile ultrasound for silver needle puncture, to make the operation safer and more accurate the curative effect is better."

with product development and hospital visits, the creative development team found that, in addition to the >; emergency visits and other application scenarios, there is real demand for handheld ultrasound, large hospitals, including the anesthesia, pain, Urology, general surgery, gynecology, respiratory, blood, tumor and other departments also has great appeal to .

in the coming months, "font-size: 14px style= reproduction of hundreds of devices into the hospital. At the same time, will also allow handheld ultrasound imaging system into the community and remote areas, let people inconvenience to large hospitals in their " home can achieve convenient treatment and medical service .

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Hardware SNR index, focusing imaging technology, harmonic imaging, wavelet de-noising technique, color flow analysis techniques of are in the leading level at home and abroad, at home and abroad is the best of the palm on one of the ultrasound.

Chengdu gifted passers-by Technology Co., a live demonstration of mSonics MU1

as "applause" smart handheld ultrasound R & D, Wu zhe by the American Institute of ultrasound in medicine in early 2004 (AIUM) awarded the only best New Scientist Award (New Investigator Award), during the United States, he specializes in ultrasound elasticity imaging and ultrasound Doppler flow imaging D, ultrasound and other advanced technology, with a solid theoretical foundation and research and development experience, presided over the development of a number of well-known international flagship brand of ultrasound color ultrasound. Back to Chengdu after the venture, Wu Zhe was elected in 2012, thousands of people plan expert, last year, Dr. Wu Zhe selected the national people plan expert.

handheld ultrasound equipment downsizing to only mobile phone size

"shrink" to the cost of conventional medical devices of

benefit the majority of patients with

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