China's first "robot painter" Chengdu "posts", the system of the circle of friends on the TA by the!!!

Robot China Chengdu friends

chengdougaoxin· 2016-08-08 00:19:28

when you are alone pet" tuxiuxiu "

friend has get to

if there is no pressure on the bottom of several image processing software

in the circle of friends the success of "text-align: style= attract attention

  however, this The three thousand day, you only need to have APP this one

can easily dominate the circle of friends" text-align: center style=

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add filter

it is understood that the" POKER filters "is Camera360, artificial intelligence technology is the first domestic robot painting engine . In the portrait, focusing on "font-size: 14px style= the overall quality and delicate texture , long only count on the network stability and other external factors, but also the most basically as long as 5 seconds.

intimate little high and the enthusiastic users have to offer

just released "font-size: P

soon feel it

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key processing after the

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Yan value" text-align: center; "> no small high that you can see the

according to the POKER filter first introduced several filters, both medieval Byzantine style, glazed Japanese Ukiyo-e style, also has a small forest type gouache art texture , to ensure the user portrait performance under the premise, in color, lines, light and shade on more delicate, and can fit the different needs of users.

; the operation is very simple

mengchuo at the end of the lower left corner of the

"read the text"

open your mobile phone"

camera text-align: center;" span style= "font-size: 14px" ">

PS: because this is the first filter today. So please make sure that the pro APP update after state Oh

style= "width: technology principle of

convolutional neural network technology, image processing in the field of artificial intelligence
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developers to use big data technology, through the introduction of tens of thousands of images, the transfer process of training a "convolutional neural network" to express a kind of style, is the principle of Style Transfer algorithm. This technology began to rise from around 2015, with the traditional filter is to realize the different ideas of technology. The traditional filter is to do addition, the effect of a layer is added, and the Style Transfer is a machine learning algorithm to learn, through color, texture and structure, and finally realize the imitation effect like robot out of the same. That is to say, in the picture processing technology, through machine learning, can make the machine to master the "abstract" the advanced artificial intelligence, therefore, the infinite variety of filters can be realized by machine learning. Style=

how to finish writing a strong advertising style? />


so quickly picked up the mobile phone to play up the "text-align:

Baozhun grid full force "text-align: center; line-height: 1.5em; >

Edit: yong man

concern Chengdu high-tech

hi so good, I want to sweep

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