The two fighter landing accident: Su -27 belly landing pilot was unharmed

The pilot landing gear unharmed fighter

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aircraft is a collection of hundreds of thousands of complex machinery and systems. It is no exaggeration to said plane is the material expression of human ingenuity. That is why the aircraft can attract more and more attention to, become romantic incarnation, so that we can't help but look up to the sky in search of one of the reasons for the flight. The plane was made for the sky, but occasionally it must return to the ground, when it is time to show the foot of the aircraft - the landing gear. But what happens when you put the landing gear? Su

27 No landing landing

1997 in June 22 in Slovakia near the Austrian border city of Bratislava held air show on, the Russian air force the Russian Knights aerobatic team took part in the air show. After several low pass through the field ready to land, the formation of the pilots of flight 15 had forgotten to put down the landing gear! This SU-27 to the rack and the pelvic inlet grounding, wipe out Mars, eventually turned into flames and smoke on the runway. The pilot quickly put down the deceleration parachute deceleration, even so SU-27 after out of the runway to stop.

near bunker, pit leave the wingtip debris, ring Sidewinder missile from the rack fall outside the bunker. Far from the wreckage of the plane, pay attention to get rid of the radar dome

on the left side of the situation is slightly better, AIM-120 intact, the radar was covered with black plastic cloth to prevent leakage. Is near broken canopy throw away glass and pilot helmet

cabin near to see, the pilot did not catapult, but in the plane stopped before leaving the < at

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