Korean entertainment company senior sexual harassment of female students

Strip trainee sexual harassment companion

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-08 06:15:35


again exposed the scandal, according to Taiwan media reports, South Korea Entertainment unspoken rule events from time to time, including the late actress Zhang Ziyan in a suicide note had been forced to accompany sleep broke a hundred times, causing an uproar, did not expect the recent discovered a 38 year old Lee well-known entertainment company executives, forced the company due to its practice as "sex slaves", also discovered a 27 year old surnamed Shen also a member of the women's team in the field, take the initiative to strip is lying on the bed, to help Li Nan crime, a message to the outside world was shocked again. According to Korean media reports, Li Nan is a senior representative of the entertainment company, in early August because of exposure to sexual harassment of female students arrested, and filed a lawsuit against the

. According to South Korean police, Li Nan in April 7, 2016 on the same day, the company's name had a female trainee to his room, and asked each other to undress, and indecent woman, the reason is to be an artist must know how to become sex slaves".

also, Li Nan molested female trainee in the same day, also exposed a group member surnamed Shen was present when she said not only agree with Li Nan, but also take the initiative to strip lying in bed, like behavior is to assist the man to commit crimes, so the police were also prosecuted. However, the court did not consider the possibility of her escape, so did not arrest the woman, the case is still under investigation, the news shocked the outside world, a heated discussion on the internet.

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