Zou Shiming congratulations Gold: his last 1 gold was left out in the cold

Boxing team air pistol

19louyule· 2016-08-08 06:15:42

Zou Shiming

Beijing time on August 7th, at the Rio Olympic Games, the women's 10 meter air pistol final, Chinese player Zhang Mengxue for Chinese delegation to take the first gold medal of the Olympic games. After the first time, Chinese boxing champion Zou Shiming updated micro-blog, he wrote: "congratulations to the delegation's first gold accounted for China! Gratifying! Is expected to continue to add gold. "Then added:" it was the first gold to give us too many surprises, but as the last gold winner of my most felt a lot of cold! Anyway, to do so would very grateful. Put a last last gold and the first gold. Hope this year, the last gold is still a continuation of the glory of the boxing team. "(new entertainment)

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