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The concept of a tuyere layout about placards placards stock rate

Large probability air outlet layout concept

zhongjinzaixian· 2016-08-08 06:19:30

Hengda buying triggered Vanke placards stocks soared, the market has become one of the biggest bright spot, their placards and the company has a large placards may be once again into public view. Analysis that the economic slowdown and the transformation and upgrading, so that a large number of funds are also seeking to obtain better earnings or assets by the acquisition of the need. In addition, since the second half of last year, "crash", a lot of blue chip shares have been hit, the investment value to further highlight the advantages. The maximum air placards stocks August 7th evening, Langfang announcement said, Hengda Real Estate Group in August 4th, the total holdings of shares 19007554 shares, accounting for 5% of the total share capital, the average transaction price of 20.98 yuan / share, turnover of 398 million 759 thousand and 500 yuan. After the holdings, Hengda Real Estate Group holds the development of Langfang 57024552 shares, the total share capital of 15%. Earlier in August 4th after the close, China Hengda announced that by the end of August 4th, Hengda Chinese and Affiliated Companies in the market buying 517 million shares of China Vanke A shares, Vanke accounted for the total issued share capital of 4.68%, the total price for 9 billion 110 million yuan. Later, Vanke A also confirmed the news through the announcement. Hengda purchased Vanke news, let Vanke A shares experienced multitray since the first trading board, then on Friday once again touched intraday trading, Vanke H shares also closed up more than 5%. Affected by this, Hengda placards Jiakai city for two consecutive trading days, and the development of Langfang on Monday announced Hengda shares increased to 10 after a week or up to 41.59%. This was more likely to make placards and companies were placards again into public view, and stimulate and led to the development of Tibet, the handsome Lei, new world, GSST are placards stocks soared. For a time, in order to market placards stocks into one of the biggest bright spot. Market analysts pointed out that the slowdown in economic growth and transformation and upgrading makes a lot of money to seek better earnings or the need to acquire assets through acquisitions. In addition, since the second half of last year, "crash", a lot of blue chip shares have been hit, the investment value to further highlight the advantages. In this background, the next will continue to have the companies were placards. According to statistics, this year, A shares have been 62 events involving the rise of placards, handsome and other 35 companies. In fact, since the second half of last year, listed companies are placards blowout phenomenon. Found out, during this period there are 100 listed company announcements were placards, placards as many as 192 times. In June last year and the year before, only less than 30 of listed companies placards. In addition, the phenomenon of being attacked recently presented the phenomenon of soaring. The first week of August has purchased Vanke A, Hengda Hengda Langfang Development Holdings stake to 10%, Qingdao city investment holdings of the shares rose to 15% this announcement, July, Haixin, Huiyuan, Tianjin kangyou communication, MOGA shares and other 7 companies have been placards announcement. In June, only the red chain, Hironobu shares, Tibet development, *ST in the other 5 companies were placards announced. The layout may be placards stocks are at that time according to insiders, the relevant funds placards a company has three main purposes, one is as a long-term financial investors to obtain equity, access to long-term investment returns, rather than to get right and operation of control of the listed company. The two is coveted listed companies subject status, intention through competing for equity control the listed company, so as to realize the purpose of capital. Three is in the stock price fluctuations in the acquisition of trading opportunities, the intention is to obtain short-term gains through low buy high sell. Generally speaking, the more the number of square placards placards, holding total capital is more, interest is high, or attempt to covet listed companies subject status, or participate in the actual management of listed company. According to the final placards holdings total capital ratio, etc., Shanghai Bao Yin Kingkey group the latest placards held by Xinhua Department store, KONDARL equity total capital of more than 30%. In addition, Department, Department, Po Fude Ampang line and placards are holding agricultural products, Vanke A, Financial Street equity accounted for 20% of the total share capital of more than. Although the listed companies were placards, does not mean that the stock price rose. But overall, placards stocks still outperformed the same period of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market. Statistics show that this year 35 companies were placards prices fell by an average of 15.47%. However, this year the stock index from 3539 points down to 2976.7 points yesterday, down 15.89%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 18.34%, the gem index fell 22.29%. 35 companies in the development of Langfang, Tianmu pharmaceutical, GSST, Broadcom shares, the shares, Nanning department store 6 stocks rose. Among them, Langfang development rose 36.3%, Tianmu pharmaceutical rose 18.97%. The industry believes that the concept of placards market attention continued to improve, may also continue to ferment the future. The layout of placards stocks are at the time, especially some of the larger stocks may be placards. The proposal can follow 3 standards and select stocks: one is good, cheap valuations, high dividend dividend rate, stock price stagflation. Two is the venture capital has awkwardness. Three equity decentralization, the proportion of large shareholders does not exceed 20% or 30%. Accordingly, the think HUAFA, Liaoning Cheng, GREE, Yili, Changchun paid, Dong'e E-Jiao stocks will be more likely to be attacked. A little Taiwan HUAFA placards stocks stand on the outlet, let the real estate leader HUAFA from Zhuhai once again into public view. The analysis thinks, HUAFA shares the proportion of the first shareholder is only 24.35%, with the company's current market value of 14 billion 200 million yuan, only less than 3 billion 600 million yuan can become its largest shareholder, profitability and growth ability and HUAFA has higher, the possibility is very high placards. In fact, since 2014, the rapid expansion of housing prices in Zhuhai that is widely concerned. A number of firms on stock analysis there are placards HUAFA figure show. Guotai Junan released Jupai theme report, believe that the equity dispersion, good quality is an important subject of huafa. Haitong Securities also believes that, from the major shareholder background, shareholding ratio, market value, net rate of several points, placards HUAFA realistic operation. Data show that since the rapid, HUAFA shares among the ten billion housing prices in the first 15 years, 16 years in the first half of the year will achieve the sales amount of 20 billion 540 million yuan. As of May this year, HUAFA soil storage rights built surface of more than 6 million 700 thousand square meters, in the interests of building nearly 4 million 500 thousand square meters, the Hengqin FTA direct holds the rights to build nearly 900 thousand square meters. In addition, HUAFA shares outstanding equity value of over 160 billion yuan. Vice president of China recently said in an interview that the next few years, HUAFA performance will maintain a relatively rapid growth momentum. Haitong Securities research reported that the company will achieve the expected 2016-2017 earnings per share were 1.06 yuan and 1.33 yuan. The company's revaluation of the net assets is 36.1 yuan. Give the company 20 years 16 times earnings, target price of 21.2 yuan. Liaoning Cheng by the end of the first quarter, the company's largest shareholder Liaoning large group share only 11.11%, with the company's current market value of 26 billion 700 million yuan, only less than 3 billion 200 million yuan can become its largest shareholder, and the company intends to achieve a given increase in the extension development, acquisition of the insurance, and is held in GF Securities 16.4% of the shares, the third largest shareholder of GF Securities, it is also the possibility of a high placards. Today in April 13th, the company announced the non-public offering of not more than 320 million shares, not more than 5 billion 380 million yuan to raise funds for the acquisition of 19.595% of the equity interest in china. Analysts believe that before this acquisition, the company mainly for the financial services sector of GF Securities, equity investment and fund management industry, after the completion of the acquisition, the company financial services sector will increase the equity investment of the insurance business, the company is conducive to the integration of financial resources and promote the combination of industry and finance. "Consider the company's oil shale business, trading business, bio business, and the financial business and the company expects the target set by the market value of about 34 billion 700 million yuan. "Shun Securities pointed out that because the macroeconomic downturn, the international crude oil prices fell sharply, the company in 2015 operating income and net profit decline. The company expects 2016 financial business growth, oil shale recovery, stable business development of commercial business and bio pharmaceutical business will bring company performance rise, given the target price of 22.7 yuan.

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