Pakistan iron project investment of billions of R & D base of weeds

The grassland project investment base test vehicle

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R & D base hung Pakistan Iron Technology Co. Ltd. brand

Henan Zhoukou Pakistan railway project R & D and production base of only a pit, there is no sign of construction

original title: Pakistan iron project investment billion R & D base of weeds

days before the "Airbus" said Pakistan iron 1 test vehicle in Hebei Qinhuangdao comprehensive experimental start, causing the public to Pakistan a variety of iron content of science and technology, behind the financial problems and questions. The reporter visits in Henan, Zhoukou Pakistan railway project R & D and production base, plans to invest 10 billion yuan project no signs of construction, land, environmental impact assessment and other formalities are not complete, declared 2017 "the first car Pakistan iron line" is still a question mark.

R & D base only a pit

in Zhoukou port logistics industry cluster area (referred to as "Zhoukou port") a new building named "batie Avenue" by the side of the road, hundreds of acres of land grassland white fence circled with grass strewn with rocks, one sheep grazing in the walls. No weeds in the middle region, suddenly appeared in a newly dug a diameter of about ten meters of the pit, several children in the climb.

nearby villagers told reporters, here is the production and development of the iron and steel production base in July, has just held a groundbreaking ceremony. "The two bulldozers, a table, a few people standing on the stage wearing a flower, lively. "Guo He Cun Li Bu Kou Xiang Ming Yuan, a villager surnamed said after the ceremony, no movement, even the foundation of the brand is also taken away, leaving a hole.

this statement has been confirmed by more than villagers. Sun Zhuang, Wang Zhuang, rope camp and other surrounding villagers group residents, this piece of land before the wheat field, this year, after the Ching Ming Festival received notice. At that time the wheat has been a foot high, the villagers get an acre of land 57400 yuan of land compensation. But for a few months, has not been started construction.

project planning a total investment of 10 billion yuan

2015 in December, the Zhoukou port and the Chinese Group signed a contract to win the Palestinian iron project. Zhoukou Port Commission Director Zhao Wanjun introduction, the total investment of 10 billion yuan of project planning, a total of 300 acres of land, three of a total of more than 1 thousand acres, the construction of iron and steel production and R & D base. According to the plan, in 2017 the first car off the assembly line in Zhoukou Pakistan iron, normal production annual output reached one thousand cars.

"now progress a bit backward, land listing is not a long time, the EIA has not approved, not finishing the formalities. "Zhoukou port Party committee member Du Guangxian said.

Zhoukou city land management service center, July 14th, a port area of about 281 acres of state-owned construction land is registered in the Beijing Pakistan Iron Technology Development Co. Ltd. competing, the map display is the reporter saw the barren overgrown area, closing price of about 42000000 yuan, and signed the industrial land transaction confirmation book. Henan province land and resources online trading system shows that Pakistan Iron Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been paid in July 13th 21 million yuan deposit.

however, Zhoukou land and Resources Bureau of Land Use Division staff Xia Chao said that this piece of land has still not signed a contract, but the same batch of strokes to shoot the other 8 of the land has been signed. According to the relevant provisions of the industrial land in general to get confirmation of the transaction within 6 months of signing deals to be completed during the project, the EIA procedures.

, "we don't know whether it's the bar project. "Xia Chao said that as land use, only in each other to sign contract when we come to know who is delisted," according to our understanding, clinch a deal signed before the contract is not groundbreaking ceremony to start construction.

local has not seen the Palestinian iron patent certificate

public reports show that in July 19th, the Zhoukou port bar iron project held a groundbreaking ceremony. Du Guangxian this explanation, at that time in order to urge the project to promote, the city held a ceremony to start the project, Pakistan iron project was included in the.

reporter learned that, by the end of 2013, Zhoukou, a local person to find the port administrative committee, said there is a transport aspect of the project. Port to send a visit to Beijing, Song Youzhou saw the inventor of the iron bar, that he has obtained the national patent. In 2015, Song Youzhou told the port, Huaying Group bought the patent, to actively promote the project. Since then, the two sides began wildly beating gongs and drums cooperation, but until the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, the port also did not see the relevant patent certificate.

"there are also some people suspected that the project of the Palestinian iron so that the invention was invented? Du Guangxian said, because the Palestinian iron is a new thing, the investment team eventually reached a consensus, the first lead in, with a rational attitude is not a good attitude to observe the project. According to the agreement, the Palestinian iron technology development company funded, Zhoukou port to provide business services.

in Pakistan iron technology development company plans, the project construction started at the end of this year, a year can be formally put into production, the annual output value of 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, can absorb one thousand or two thousand of employment, economic benefits and social benefits are obvious, which is very attractive to the local government. Zhoukou port was established in 2013, in an area of more than and 40 square kilometers, currently only five or six settled in small and medium-sized enterprises, iron bar is the biggest project.

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