Huo Siyan talk about the secret of marriage preservation: her husband massage every day

Huo Siyan marriage secret husband

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-23 11:31:00

with the "North West love marathon" in the major cities for one month's relay, the activities of more and more people are getting the attention of Marathon enthusiasts and users. The Beijing as a destination, attracting 1500 participants gathered at. < p > by Huo Siyan couple starred in the TV drama "Beijing met in Seattle" will be on April 28 in Vancouver shooting, Huo Siyan frankly, starred in the TV drama is because like version of the film, and would like to cooperate with director Xue Xiaolu. < p > when it comes to the Beijing met Seattle Fuji love letter ", Huo Siyan shown is impressed with the film love, and frankly premiere films and cried several times, more praise actor Wu Xiubo performances," Xiubo teacher is my man of God, and handsome acting and good ". < p > under the today's event firing ceremony, the couple Huo Siyan also and everybody share their marriage preservation secrets, Huo Siyan said Du Jiang day at home for her to do massage, "I was very moved, can insist to come down, really is not easy, Du Jiang is called" field men me long, like a marathon ".

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