Janine Chang Ivy Chen and her bestie is good

Bed according to Ivy Chen Fiona Sit

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-08 11:04:57

, Janine Chang Ivy Chen and Fiona Sit

Phoenix Entertainment News in the morning of August 8th, Janine Chang micro-blog and Ivy Chen, drying out a group of Fiona Sit's intimate photos, and wrote: "cherish because bestie can become bestie fate, this month transient, but every day events have in mind. It was done we have to go back to their busy world, when you are too busy and tired, as long as you think, my mouth will rise! Love you girls! "

Ivy Chen Zhang Jun honey

photos, Janine Chang and Ivy Chen also took a close bed according to, and Fiona Sit also with three people close to play, is really love bestie.

users have a message, my favorite three people finally fit, good envy of your friendship, Fiona Sit always can not find where the camera".

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