Fun to do not stop the stand-alone game, with people unable to stop

Stand-alone game

zuimeiyingyong· 2016-08-08 11:46:14

to 10 - an addictive puzzle digital elimination puzzle game, to let you play not stop (no network traffic stand-alone casual games)

theme music and

15px; color: RGB (79, 79, 79); ">" close to 10 "has a bright comfortable color, bright BGM. And the ordinary version is not the same as the Holiday Edition to complete different tasks to unlock up to 12 kinds of style theme, each one has its own merits but very fresh and refined, for the color control of me, for a variety of themes is really a wonderful experience, and the theme of skin unlocking method are very simple.

but one Undo function I have not found, we seek to help look for QAQ, and I love the theme of CHILDHOOD, because the color can make I clear out a lot of numbers," font-family: Simsun style= ~

rules are simple, fun

" destroy the stars "game similar gameplay, but the stars changed into different numbers but will not disappear, the same number can be merged into a number of seconds will be able to get started. You may be able to easily fit the 456, but it is not easy to close to 10, you may have 9 of the two are at the end of the screen also perhaps it (laughter), of course, if successful can also try to close to 11. The game can be set to eliminate and eliminate two times, the two elimination is the point of a selection of parts of the process to confirm, point second elimination; a time to eliminate is not confirmed the process of direct elimination, very humane.

anyway, see the simple game often play the most addictive do not believe you try!


multiple, as you choose" font-family: Simsun

the game has 5 modes to choose from, you only need to be able to unlock the next mode on the number you need to synthesize the request. A variety of modes to allow you to pursue speed or to challenge the different number of blocks can be, because different models will give you a different experience.

to you look at me is not high but the synthesis of 10 classic mode. Come on, and your buddy Bibi who high ah, but should pay attention to rest, do not have to play, although I know you will not stop "(like at this person).


today nothing to say

What do you say to the United States?

we all love to see

1. portrait of dedication! We spent 8 days finishing the 80 outstanding balance of photography, to love photography you ~

2. from design to programming for a year and a half, and then the two perfect fusion of

3. 5 board recommended -- let the brush decompression to soothe anxiety mood

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