Beihai fleet destroyer detachment fleet firing training organization

Naval network Zhang Hailong warship formation jamming missile

zhongguohaijunwang· 2016-08-08 12:35:36

Align= >北海舰队某驱逐舰支队组织舰艇编队实弹射击训练


" "" ship launched rocket deep bomb. Photo by Zhang Hailong

Chinese Navy news (Zhang Hailong, Jiang Tao, Wang Huan) radar, spinner rumble of guns, the vast Huang Haibo a lumpy. August 2nd to 5, by the Beihai fleet destroyer detachment Daqing ship, Dalian ship, Luoyang ship and ship opened 4 ships consisting of multiple combat marshalling area, carry out the full amount, total factor, whole subjects live fire training at sea, in the background of the approximate beat of combat troops.

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