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Taobao Baidu account film

tengxunkeji· 2016-08-08 16:32:39

8 2, micro-blog Baidu cloud disk users @ Liang Xiaohao students exposed himself suddenly became the "others", "last night overnight, my Baidu cloud is filled with lots of porn, save all files before No. "In a lot of friends to watch the eyes, this is more like a lot of people even neither painful nor itching joke, laugh, why you can't meet such a" good thing "; but if I tell you, this is likely to be a practical joke from the underground black industry chain of the hand, and you are likely to appear in my account." black list ", whether you can take this as a simple joke?

Baidu cloud account frequently "yellow wind" invasion of

"originally, this I suffered more than one … … micro-blog" in the above comments, many netizens said he also encountered similar experiences, such as Kiki from Hebei. In the end of July, his Baidu cloud disk is also inserted into the 10 folder "prohibited" video, while the original documents he has been thrown into the trash".

I usually rarely log on Baidu cloud, a week at most log 1~2 times. This time, Kiki is in the Baidu cloud prompted only to find their own account appeared in different places of abnormal login. Subsequently, he found the day before 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. the next day, from Anhui Wuhu and Anhui Hefei IP address two time on his Baidu cloud account, "should be at this time to upload the video".

kiki said he had never been to Anhui. Be remote login, Kiki Baidu cloud account appeared in the 8 "new folder, open, he found that there is a called" Zhang "folder within each folder, click into the see all kinds of yellow video," at least hundreds". Kiki and Baidu in the cloud storage are the files that you take wings to itself.

kiki told the IT Times reporter, his first time to the Baidu cloud appeal, delete these illegal video, try to restore their original folder from the garbage box. But let Kiki surprise, the first third days after the appeal, Baidu has seized his account. "Obviously I was a victim, Baidu has to punish me? "Let Kiki doubt is, what happened in the end?

in micro-blog, known on the Internet platform, the reporter found a number of victims have similar experiences, common to them is: "after receiving the remote login prompt after the discovery of the cloud disk has a large number of foreign customers, Baidu cloud account most of their email address and mobile phone number is however, this account and password is not used in the Baidu cloud, also includes other websites. So, what is the password is stolen in the platform, they can not tell.

Baidu cloud account 20 yuan a

these victims do not know is that their Baidu cloud account is likely to become a commodity price on some of the electricity supplier website to sell.

"cloud" is the name "Baidu cloud account sales". In Taobao, QQ group there are more than and 10 businesses in the sale of Baidu cloud account, Baidu cloud account in their hands is usually the entrainment of large yellow video "price account", written by a seller posted ads, 25 yuan 4000, 50 yuan (6000 updated once a month) 15000, 88 yuan, 100 yuan (update) 20000 (daily update) … &hellip

; according to different attributes of the account, the price is uneven. In Taobao, there is a only sell 1.99 yuan of Baidu cloud account, known as a one-time account, after the opening of the system will automatically recover within 24 hours. This account is composed of mobile phone number, the seller through a number of scan software "to obtain a large number of mobile phone number in the shortest time Baidu cloud account," ten seconds to register an account, and to transfer a large number of illegal video by manual operation. The video resource capacity in each account is about 1000G.

scan code software Daohao rampant

reporter learned that the number of scan software sellers hands in the production of black market is quite popular, is a "hacker hacking tools" development, through a similar "hit" means large-scale theft of simple mobile phone account password. According to a set of scan code software is selling price point of view: 7 days 18 yuan, 30 days 28 yuan, the purchase price of permanent VIP for 999 yuan.

"through the scan code to the number was" don't use Baidu cloud 'mobile phone account, "a number of sellers to sell cloud told" IT times "reporter, the software will carry out the discrimination of the account in the scan code," if the frequent use of cloud disk mobile phone number, the system will automatically filter. "But it still can not guarantee the scan code get Baidu account 100%, the general probability swept out of the account is still active in 2%, in this case, the original account owner once found abnormal content account, will go to report, or delete.

but compared with the ordinary registered user name account, sweep the code to get the phone account is relatively easier to escape the Baidu cloud official surveillance. One seller said: "recently, Baidu search more diligent, the account was closed. "In this case, a lot of sellers on the launch of a one-time account for 24 hours.

in fact, similar through the scan code software to access the account, in addition to Baidu cloud, cloud, unfamiliar street, Taobao is the hardest hit, many software scan code principle is in the master password and account after the "break" try one by one, for those who used the same account to login different websites and applications personally, it is difficult to avoid the risk of being stolen account.

for a similar situation, Baidu micro-blog cloud official response: advice account binding mobile phone, when receiving SMS account login abnormal must change password password settings in the first time; high level of complexity, is not easy to be malicious; regularly check whether there is a mistake in the recycle bin, delete information, timely recovery, avoid being empty.

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