No one saw signs in the iPhone million so lucky?

IPhone miracle

weifengwang· 2016-08-08 19:34:15


Jeannine Buck was riding in a small plane to Vancouver Stanley Park pictures, unfortunately, when her photo shoot, and then will focus on the city and the natural environment to social photo sharing platform, she mentioned in the post and this is a great night and an epic day. But, in a moment later after the photo shoot, her hand slipped, mobile phone is merciless from an altitude of 2500 feet in the fall.

Jeannine Buck's heart was broken, I don't think there will be a little bit of confidence in her arms iPhone intact.

Jeannine Buck said, because she had just loaded for iPhone new bell, but she also uses this ring, so she immediately realized that his iPhone was still in! Soon, she was really in the forest of Stanley Park to find their own iPhone, and her iPhone really live down".

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