Ouyang high school kiss kiss her mother cried to the school to see

Ouyang school high school improper behavior

wangyiyule· 2016-08-08 22:28:26

and Ouyang Nini broke the news entertainment in August 8 embarrassments

NetEase reported according to Taiwan media reports, since the 20 year old Ouyang Nini Topstar parents ring debut, frequent behavior package, tired parents Ouyang Long and Fu Juan always come after. The day before the media received her former high school classmate Ouyang Datong broke the news, Nini was in high school, in the classroom at night and caught kissing her boyfriend, when the demerits, but because Ouyang Long is under pressure to intervene, then playing privileges of suspicion.

broke the news to Ouyang that night in the Datong Nini high school 2 years ago, and the students in the classroom to daozhui boyfriend kissing, was originally found hall patrol instructors, instructors resorted to greater punishment, but the intervention from Ouyang Long to the school, the matter under pressure, whistleblowers also revealed that in addition to Ouyang Long, "Nini to by the results, her mother (Fu Juan) also cry for the school".

source description, as was the night, leaving the original student is not, there are people with dinner outside, so not many students caught 2 people kissing.

in this regard, Ouyang Long said that he only went to Datong high school two, a junior high school graduation ceremony is Nini, another is purely business, with the then mayor Hao Longbin in gymnastics cushion for the donation, broke the news content, he thought it was fantastic, completely not to put pressure on this matter, and even I made her boyfriend, the father may not know that the school must verify, because This is a big problem.

and Datong High School in response, Datong high school principals through the Secretary said, Nini was a freshman in high school, in the classroom at night and the boys in the rough, the seat was found by hall patrol instructors, a close move, but not to kiss, so please the parents to the school to understand the situation. At that time, Ouyang Long did not attend, only Fu Juan school, the school said, the daughter of Fu Juan misconduct was very sorry, but there is no such as the blog called "cry to the school". In this regard, Fu Juan did not answer the phone.

in addition, the school added that young people kissing is common, even if the kiss, not recording; Datong attended high school alumni said, "once the men and women students kiss was found, a demerit is inevitable".

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