China and the United States, the three largest players in East Asia have no intention of war

Japan China and the United States East Asia will

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, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said in August 6th, on the morning of 6 ships China maritime police vessel entered the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent area, more than 230 ships China boats appear in their vicinity. The Japanese Coast Guard says 7 days, and 4 ships China ships into the same area, after 5 days, the Japanese side also claimed 2 ships China marine police boats and 6 fishing boats into the Diaoyu Islands 12 sea area. The Japanese side that the frequency of China official ship in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands a record, Japanese Foreign Ministry has expressed "protest to china".

in Japan recently also said that China installed a small radar in a mining facility of Chunxiao oil and gas field in the East China Sea, the Japanese side also conducted a protest". Japanese media expressed concern about the future of China in the case of the installation of large air radar on the drilling platform.

in the south direction, China air force 6 announced recently organized detonation -6K, Su -30 and other type of fighter flew to the South China Sea, battle of Chinese cruise airspace near the islands. The air force said that such a combat cruise in the future will be normalized". External power of the Chinese air force normal expression of high concern.

no matter in the East China Sea Islands Diaoyu Islands or the South China Sea "nine lines", is the territory Chinese Chinese, have sufficient rights to engage in business operations in those areas, and to safeguard the sovereignty to carry out military activities. This is a big principle, when the external pressure becomes prominent, insist on this principle as we responded to counter pressure, especially to do firmly and unequivocally.

Nanhai arbitration and the aftermath of Japan is one of the highest jump state, make all relevant parties to China provocative actions should have some psychological preparation for Chinese. If the United States and Japan for the

China act to further upgrade, so China new cards should be within their expectations. For example, in the south direction, Chinese now just sent Air Force combat cruise, the next Chinese to cope with the challenges but also to Nansha new islands to deploy large military equipment, until they were built to deal with external threat of military outpost of fort.

if other aspects of restraint, not to harm the interests of China and the actual threat of China's new challenge of facilities, believe that China is willing to cool the situation, the parties to explore the formation of a new stable pattern will become possible.

in the direction of the East China Sea, Japan 2012 "buy island" to break the original balance, which leads to the Chinese official boat in the waters off the Diaoyu Island into the Diaoyu Islands cruise normalization and 12 miles further claim action. The Japanese side is clearly unable to achieve its illusion of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Dispute, and once and for all to consolidate its actual control over the Diaoyu Islands and adjacent waters. China in the current situation is difficult to completely restore the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands, to regain control of the actual control of the Diaoyu islands.

Chinese and Japanese governments should help the people understand the real situation around the Diaoyu Islands Dispute, manage their own domestic public opinion around the issue of the Diaoyu Islands to the country's expectations. At present, the two countries are very strong public opinion, and the two governments to comply with public opinion to action and can not be done, the two countries should strive to promote realism around the Diaoyu Islands issue gradually take the upper hand.

currently in the United States and Japan is the East Asian maritime game of the three players, but the three countries have no intention to fight each other. But the possibility of US Japan military friction is generally considered a gradual increase in the parties are worried about other strategic plots very deep, and China alliance will suspect each other to exert greater pressure on military dominance of global strategy, which may exist in some false misreading, both sides should make efforts in order to reduce such strategic mutual trust.

China is the world's largest rising power, the Chinese society is often on their own country is currently the global pattern of the strategic active side of the lack of awareness, and sometimes on the Chinese side of the repressed feelings are very deep. US Japan alliance in the military is so powerful, the U.S. military base in the Asia Pacific will soon be able to surround China, the U.S. and Japan are highly sensitive to any development of China's military power, often exaggerating China's military threat.

in the South China Sea after the intense friction in the arbitration case, in East Asia control crisis, including the continuous spread of control and control strategies, I am afraid that is the urgent matter of the parties have a major stake. So Japan should not China malicious interpretation of ideological taste in the South China Sea and East China Sea, and should seriously consider why they occur, what before and after logic, and with Japan to maintain regional stability should bear what responsibility.

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