Goldman, Deutsche Bank and 2 billion euro capital gap

Goldman Sachs capital gap Euro

huaerjiejianwen· 2016-08-09 05:52:27

through the European bank stress tests, analysis of July Goldman pointed out that Deutsche Bank faces 2 billion euro funding gap, the other bank involved in the testing of the situation is not optimistic.

Goldman Sachs analyst in today's report said that the scale of 2 billion euros in funding gap including Deutsche Bank as the world's major banks must hold in reserve.

report pointed out that if the capital buffer requirements increased by 1%, Deutsche Bank's funding gap will be expanded to 6 billion 700 million euros. At the same time, there are 8 other European banks in the link can not pass the test, including the French Industrial Bank, the Bank of credit and Barclays bank. Bavaria German bank funding gap is 800 million euros and other involved in the testing of German banks almost did not pass this link.

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Wall Street knowledge mentioned earlier, in the pressure test, European banks overall improvement, anti strike capability is improved; the bank in adverse circumstances the leverage ratio from 3.49% to 2.96%, at the same time, the rate of CET1 lower than the average level of banks in the euro zone test.

Bloomberg quoted Deutsche Bank spokesman said, the pressure test shows that at present does not need to increase the capital, the bank can adjust the strategy and to temporarily stop the dividend capital raising goal.

German commercial bank financial officer Stephan Engels said in a conference call with analysts, will focus on business income and expenses, digital second quarter, this is one of the key measures to reassure investors.

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