Shen shen! Vivian Hsu's alarm body rash

Vivian Hsu alarm bells body

fenghuangyule· 2016-08-09 07:02:12

Vivian Hsu is busy with family, but also take into account the academic career, cause the body tired warning

according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Vivian Hsu was born in August 2015 and son V (Dalton), small treasure to take care of my son and his family, also return to the workplace. Surprisingly, she was admitted to the Shanghai School of Shih Hsin University Master of foreign MBA in June 2016, and now she to Gu, Gu and Gu Xueye work, three candles burning her head too much pressure, allowing the body to release warning.

Vivian Hsu hands were a little bit raised red spots, patients with suspected urticaria

Vivian Hsu 8, in the face of the book said, his hands and body covered with red rash a grain of grain, and the body itch to no condition has been 3 weeks have not improved, is suspected during this period, family, career and education, too much pressure leads to suffering from urticaria, she also covered with photos of local PO out of his hands, body rash, collapse shouted "I am iron V ~ how can! "

Vivian Hsu just admitted to University master classes, in addition to the family and work, but also fight the school paper

many fans saw Vivian Hsu's symptoms not light, have to give advice and share experiences," looks a lot like eczema, is also a pressure when will the onset of immunity, urticaria is a piece of a convex irregular rash mound, not a bit. However, it is better to see the doctor to determine the better, too tired. Need more rest. The body sends out a signal. "

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