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"of the United States Navy's destroyer arrived in Qingdao

original title: the South China Sea after the illegal arbitration's first visit to the Pacific Fleet commander then to

8 on Sept. 8, reported that the U.S. Navy" Benford "missile (destroyer Arleigh Burke class ·" the hull number DDG 65) arrived Qingdao Beihai fleet naval base, launched a 5 day visit to Qingdao. United States Naval Academy news network reported on the visit, it is pointed out that this is the South China Sea illegal arbitration after the first visit to the U.S. Navy ship. "This," the captain Justin · colonel in the Harz visit said in a statement: "whether we are from the West or the East, the sailors are all sailors, we are facing the same challenges in the sea. According to The Associated Press reported that the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet commander Scott ·, Swift will be the 9 day of the Navy will also visit Qingdao.

Beihai fleet guided missile escort ship to accompany the ship Daqing ship, the "Ford" to meet, guide and implement the maritime etiquette. U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet commander, · Swift will arrive by plane the same day, to participate in the "merit" of the visit.

Beihai fleet at the pier to meet the ceremony. The ship's visit to the United States Navy officers and soldiers 285 people, this is the first visit to Qingdao, the destroyer, the first visit to the United States and the United states. During the visit, soldiers will hold mutual visiting warships, professional exchanges and other activities, the main officers will visit Zhanqiao, 54 square, Qingdao City Museum, the Tsingtao Brewery Museum, both officers and soldiers will also carry out football, basketball, tug of war and other sports exchange activities. Leave Qingdao at the end of the visit, "Benford" will also work with Chinese Daqing navy ship off the coast of Qingdao held the fleet movement, maritime search and rescue joint exercises and other subjects.

"Benford" destroyer, was built in 1993, launched in November 1994, hull number DDG-65, Captain 153.9 meters, 20.1 meters wide, 45.1 meters high, with a displacement of 8590 tons, a maximum speed of not less than 30, endurance 4400 sea miles / 20. Equipped with 2 MK41 type missile vertical launching device, 1 MK45 type 127 mm gun, 2 MK15 type dense array of 20 mm near anti gun, 2 MK46 type triple loaded torpedo tube.

The Associated Press reported, "the captain," Justin · Hartz said in a statement issued by the commander: "this port visit is an opportunity to improve relations between the two sailors, both sides can mutual interest and mutual respect to establish such a relationship based on. We either from the east or west, the sailors are all sailors, we are facing the same challenges in the sea. "

according to the The Associated Press reported that the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet Commander admiral Scott · Swift on Tuesday to join" Benford "crews, the visit to Qingdao.

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