TI6 group of losers LGD fighting 69 minutes to beat Secret

The loser dota2 acid mist ice soul

wangyiyouxi· 2016-08-09 10:47:03

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Beijing time on August 9, 2016 at 9 in the morning, DOTA2 Seattle invited the focus of the war game loser group, LGD and secret in the race, LGD changed the defensive play, take the initiative. The two sides battle 69 minutes, LGD beat the secret promotion team in the second round of the loser.

BP LGD, a hand to get the POM and the captain, and the secret here is very early with gold, BAN off the ice core soul, LGD chose to fire before the mid two Blademasters cat fighting strength is not weak, the secret here is up TB BM VS propulsion system, the last LGD out of hand anti ice advance. On the whole, the secret of the fault tolerance rate is higher, LGD still chose to defend the counter attack tactics.

but the process of the game and we expect some different, LGD began to play very hard on the line, the captain of the banana in the middle of constant harassment gold, with MAYBE Bladestorm and voice crit successfully kill RTZ, take a blood. Open the road situation, the advantages of LGD road also unbearable weakness, three people work together to kill the amount of BULBA and PUPPEY. Because the advantage of the road only poisonous dog, EE supply is not much, POM consumption and the captain's walk playing TB EE is very uncomfortable. It can be said that LGD in the three lines of the line are dominant, a lot of advantages. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" by virtue of the advantages of the accumulation of the line, LGD in 10 minutes began to organize the promotion. 12 minutes, the head ratio has come to 8 than 0, at this time LGD economy leading 4000, experience 3000. The next game, LGD has been the situation in their own hands, keep secret, three nuclear in development, and the secret here, only RTZ the economy is relatively good, EE TB is the juggernaut and fire cat opened the gap.

19 minutes, open secret fog steal gold shield, acid mist, VS minus a VS BM double rings with TB transform, quickly destroyed the meat mountain, save a little disadvantage. Class= img_box "

but LGD want to go to the secret heights, it is not very easy. 38 minutes, LGD high, MAYBE VS switching juggernaut Beastmaster roar, after the Necronomicon pumping light blue kill. 45 minutes, LGD kill three generation meat mountain, wants to stop the secret come late in the LGD shield with milk under the condition of open secret mission, the results are LGD double kill brother, the buy but of no avail, LGD finally broke the way. Although

first break a road, but in the LGD to attack the second road, and still get great obstruction. 48 minutes, LGD attack the secret on the road, although the two successfully kill EE, but the A account had drug dog, three strokes control effect Baqun, keep secret again under the ground.

LGD once again kill meat mountain, POM shield, and launched a wave of attacks, but this wave of secret involved playing very well, kill two brother LGD, the chair of LGD, after 3, vitality, 4, No. 5 have a A account, secret there is a battle force.

66 minutes, the two sides once again in the meat mountain encounter, but the dominant LGD through the line of soldiers with line kept secret TB and poison dog, although the secret kill meat mountain, but LGD kill RTZ gold. The sword wielding despot throw the helve after the hatchet, want to wave away the secret, RTZ and EE have also chosen to buy live, but the MMY ice spell well / save MAYBE at the same time, also cut off the battlefield, LGD successfully kill buy live EE, win this time 69 minutes of fighting, promotion one group of the second round. Class= img_box "

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