Storm hero gold league A group: SPT Xteam team's first win

League storm hero gold group

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8 on the evening of 8 August, 2016 golden storm summer league tournament in Shanghai Kintetsu City Plaza officially opened. On the first day of the opener A round robin group of the first round of the game, Xteam with impeccable performance against TSD, temporarily in group A leader; and online game Championship SPT HotsLady and SPT 2:1 to 96, final score beat.

8 on the evening of 9, the group stage group B first round of the game will also be a war. The first round of the game will be challenged by eStar DDT, Zero against SOA. After experiencing a large-scale personnel changes, eStar and Zero what kind of performance? In the fourth season and online battles could usher in a new development and results? Let's look forward to tonight's golden storm of the Summer Games brought the exciting duel.

broadcast time: August 9th 18:00

8 8 2:0 TSD

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Xteam in the Canjian and into the team after the jelly show stronger than ever offensive and coordination, while the other side of the TSD due to Vera and Tyrrell too persistent in their selection into a passive. In his long change, the results of 2:0 is not an accident. The first game against

in the sky temple, Xteam rely on Kerrigan lead in the early deterrence and line for a faster pace, and TSD in the process of defense in spite of the formation of local constantly on the run to kill, but due to the strategic disadvantage zagara is still at the distal end of the shunt advance. About 11 on both sides of the outbreak of war leader, TSD could rely on Terrel and sal in chief in the battle for the win, but Terrel's improper handling and sal late in their heads while losing was also ahead of the group off, let the game lost suspense. Xteam before the next city, leading 1:0. The second game

both came to the altar of purgatory. TSD due to Terrel and Vera's dedication to choose a lack of control of the lineup, relatively speaking, Xteam is very easy to get a dual support with Illidan and Grey Camine's dual core lineup. The game does not have too many waves, Xteam in the first wave of the altar for the already leading level two, and TSD until finally failed to achieve victory in any wave of war. Eventually Xteam to the end of the end of the three level of the advantages of 2:0 score in the team's first win. Lady 1:2 SPT

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second games is the HotsLady and SPT to play again. The magic is that although the two sides are very close in the total score, but the specific per game counter, with a big gap finish. SPT in the collaborative and convenient conversion is even better than HotsLady ideas, it also helped them to win the final victory.

on both sides of the first game in purgatory altar, HotsLady chose to double the output to an unbeatable combination Kell Texas to protect U Searle Terrel, five heroes and the choice of the relative SPT has the extraordinary maneuverability. In the second wave of the altar for the SPT, the opponent collection mechanism slower, so the upper hand on HotsLady qingjunruweng, double the characteristics of mobility and individual combat ability, using the double arrow and mourn invincible opponent after consumption of void imprisonment beheaded. And with the help of the Austrian strong punishment to break down the road early. With a few HotsLady SPT scattered wave back, the first game ended, SPT Zhandexianji, leading to 1:0.

second game of the battlefield came to the sun god of the sky hall, SPT used a very traditional A Basse Illidan combination. At the beginning of the game SPT because of their own mistakes resulting in Regal and Illidan was double, and caused a series of chain reaction. HotsLady take the lead in the first to reach the 10 level with a good experience. The group started in the middle of battlefield exposed SPT flaws in the Illidan squad, Illidan output and overall rhythm recovery is very smooth, while the front ETC is unable to withstand the attacks, SPT in the battle group retreat, this temple in the sky on the map without emphasis on the rhythm rhythm. HotsLady in cooperation with the chief opponent after the Fort Road break wave homeopathic equalised.

the two sides of the decider in the eternal battle. The HotsLady team has a huge advantage in the immortal race, and the idea of SPT is also very clear, choose to avoid the edge, the immortal turnedon focus on battle group, through the kill to get the advantage of experience. HotsLady on the other side can not play the advantages of team blocked the immortal's case, and the combination of melee let them be Li Min continued to use three yuan to bring CD arcane orb short ball continued repression. And when the SPT through the control of the second immortal who consumed, it also means that the HotsLady in the strategic level of total failure. In the end, SPT can easily get the control of the third immortal with the great experience and advantages of the kill and the immortal, and the direct wave of the game, with the score of 2:1 to win the game.

tonight 18:00, the group stage group B first round of the game will be officially started. EStar will accept the challenge of Zero, the performance of the two veteran teams in personnel changes will be the highlight of the game. While on the other side of the DDT and SOA will continue after the gold online game again against, SOA can rewrite history, beat DDT, in the group stage of the competition in the lead in the first place? Let us wait and see.


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