Russia's fifth generation multi-purpose nuclear submarine built after 2020

Nuclear submarine malachite machinery manufacturing use

tengxunzonghe· 2016-08-09 10:48:02

data figure: Russia "Borey" nuclear submarine

original title: Russian "malachite" marine machinery manufacturing Bureau: fifth generation multi-purpose nuclear submarine in 2020 after the construction of

satellite news in Moscow in August 9, the general manager of St Petersburg "malachite" marine machinery manufacturing Bureau Vladimir Dorofeyev said on August 8th, signed a contract for the fifth generation multipurpose nuclear submarine with the Defense Department, the construction work will begin in 2020.

DorothyHamm Faye J, in the "echo" radio show in Moscow, said: "with the Department of defense signed a contract on the start of the development of the new submarine. The actual construction time of the new submarine will be after 2020. "

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