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jihewang· 2016-08-09 10:48:39

lead: This article is the author of Telltale new play "Batman" impressions of the first chapter.

Telltale, "a dead-alive person", in the production of the "game of Thrones", "borderlands legend" and so on after the game, he was called one of the story, the game industry. This time, Telltale will be the new story it's set in our familiar "Batman" body, at the same time, I believe that most game player is "Batman" attracted by the DC and Telltale to know just a little a gilded signboard. Then, as the "Batman" the latest game works, tells the story of a gifted Telltale can bring us a different Batman?

"is not the same as the Batman?

first, this time set in the Batman several years after Wayne had become, so many big events in Batman in space such as a clown, double, Penguin have yet to emerge, Batman has not been a middle-aged man, was a young lad. This also lets the story background and in recent years, "Batman" comics and video games and other works are different. Picture, is still very Telltale, no progress. Style is equally true, love is love, hate will not touch the touch. But for Batman this, in itself, as the background of the foundation of the comic, Telltale's style is very consistent with the beauty of the Feel. As a moving cartoon, naturally there will be no discomfort and a sense of violation. The overall picture for Batman, Batman bats dart and outline, or will people find everything fresh and new, especially for the non Comic Party, to see more such as Agam knight, or Batman movie such a realistic picture of the change of taste, not beautiful.

"eat more meat and drink soup is also good

" Catwoman tights and not a very good show figure (what I was thinking...).

but optimization, it is not a compliment. Especially the PC version, the low-end graphics optimization, is almost a devastating blow, reminiscent of "Batman: Agam Knight" big drop frame events, including BUG and other issues, there are many problems in the allocation of secondary or slightly lower PC. If you are 60 or below the graphics card, or notebook players, you need to pay attention to the. In addition to the PC for the support of the handle is also a clue, a lot of need to press the trigger button, the button is like a failure in general, including vibration... So on the PC, or the proposal to play with the key mouse. Host platform is not on the line at present, want to buy can go to the United States, and comes with chinese. Speaking of Chinese, incidentally, the finished quality although in general, but not that machine translation, read the story and there is absolutely no problem (traditional

for machine translation (traditional Chinese advice)

play, some of the problems is to listen to the story, and make a choice in the answer, if not, the system will default game player choose silence... It is said that according to the different options, will trigger a different story, after the test is really so, but now are some small deviation does not itch does not hurt, including Bruce Wayne's identity is used to solve the problem, or the identity of Batman to deal with different choices for the complete 5 chapter story will be turned upside down the difference is not, still can make nothing of it. Only to wait until the game is complete.

"different choices will bring changes to turn the world upside down the whole story, but not a good conclusion

battle is QTE, game player to do is watch. Some cases, players are just a little finishing. Such as the investigation of the crime scene, simulation of the scene, in the "Batman" series of games in an endless stream. So naturally, do not feel novel, "Batman" series aside not to say, this little reasoning under the Telltale banner as the right game "" in "a dead-alive person also have appeared, but also include combat using QTE, so Telltale stood in the new level, is not what the progress of three


" used to see the small white reasoning

game GAME PLAY, is still Telltale. Mainly to watch the main, with the voice of the novel to describe the story of its series of games, not too much. To do is to experience the story of the story. Make your own choices. Story level, from the first chapter and the second chapter of the notice, obviously Telltale or move a lot of thoughts. As to how wonderful it will be, it is better to wait until after the 5 chapter, we are doing.

"wait-and-see, fattened in

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