Japan's anti phase for the North Korean missile normalization of the destruction of the order of the order

Normalization intercept missile Japan self defense force North Korea missile destroy measure com

· 2016-08-09 14:45:07

Global network reporter Wang Huan reported [

] according to Japan's Kyodo News reported on August 9th, the Japanese anti phase Inada Tomomi 8, issued to allow the SDF intercept missile destroy measures command "to prevent North Korea launched ballistic missile. Command validity is currently three months, is expected to expire after the extension. In view of the fact that if North Korea used the mobile missile launchers, Japan would be difficult to have signs of emission, the command can be normalized to construct the situation.

reported that more than government relations have revealed the news. The Japanese Self Defense Forces Command, air self defense force in defence in Tokyo Valley deploy to air intercept missile patriot -3 (PAC-3). Some analysts believe that, in the sea of Japan continued to perform surveillance tasks with sea based interceptor missiles "standard -3" (SM-3) MSDF aegis destroyers also take the corresponding situation.

3 North Korean launch medium range ballistic missiles suspected nodong missile parts, for the first time into Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Some analyses have speculated that North Korea was using a mobile missile launch vehicle.

Japanese government failed to master the launch sign, so did not issue a "destroy measures"". In view of this, the government to build the normalization of the launch of the missile launch situation launched a discussion. The government has not publicly announced that it has issued a command to destroy the measures.