Big ball only women's team won 2 to 0 South Africa, the Chinese women's football after a lapse of 2917 days of the Olympic Games to win

Chinese women's football the Olympic Games

wuxingtiyu· 2016-08-10 10:54:57

Chinese women's volleyball team to lose to the Holland women's volleyball, men and women can not be lost to the United States and Canada, but the Chinese women's team won!
Beijing time this morning, in the women's Chinese The Rio Olympic Games in the group stage round 2:0 beat South Africa, following the Beijing Olympic Games group stage after the third round of the 2:0 to beat Argentina, the Chinese women's football after a lapse of 2917 days in the final victory in the Olympic games.

opener 0:3 defeat to host the Brazil team, let's enter the quarterfinals in women's football China resorted to a single waist position. Only 1 minutes after the opening, the South African striker Jay Sonposville almost break the door of china. She went past Li Dongna small angle shot on the left after receiving teammate pass, but Zhao Lina promptly attack letter shot Po Si Wei Sen, "sonorous rose" escaped.

in eleventh minutes, Li Dongna back in again to intercept errors opponent excellent opportunity to attack, Liu Shanshan timely back slope area Qiangdian Sen Si Wei poke was promptly denied.

seventeenth minutes, Chinese team continued use pass on South Africa's defense team formation pressure, the defender rescue accidentally kicked the ball to the king frost feet, the lack of psychological preparation of the frost king near the penalty spot shot, but because of being too the other goalkeeper. Because the South African team, Lana left in the avant-garde rattan range of excellent explosive, repeated threats to China team goal on the counter attack, China team twenty-ninth minutes off the Zhao Rong sent on Wu Haiyan, I hope to play with Wu Haiyan's excellent opponent running ability.
> border-box; "in forty-third minutes, Zhao Lina restricted hand pick Li Dongna pass, the referee awarded the South African team in the area of indirect free kick, Captain Ya Fenwick first shot by the wall, and then shot the ball hit the crossbar.
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escape from death in a great catastrophe spoils. Wang Shuang in the first half stoppage time passing though failed to find Yang Li, but it means to quaint sand feet, Yang Li feint dispersed the defender's attention, quaint sand ball into the box to score, Chinese team leading 1:0.

easy side battles, never win in the Olympic Games on the South African team was lost the ball accidentally, in the face of China team high closing down, African girls hardly resorted to the high quality of the counter. Reserve playing Wang Shanshan also had two times the best close to the positive shot, but she was not able to hold.

for eighty-seventh minutes, Tan Ruyin saw the keeper standing in front, the circle near the foot to lob the ball hit the crossbar along the projectile into the goal, China team final 2:0 victory. />

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