Entertainment for the enterprise to provide 1700 kinds of play, HI group built by the people of the network tens of millions of dollars A round of financing

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! A group to build, is to sing the day,

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but honey process provided are a small group of league construction scheme. But in the group built on the market, there are two forms, one is building company, such as annual meeting, characterized by low frequency, Shanda, the amount is higher; the other is building team, high frequency, small size, the amount is low. To meet these two needs at the same time, today's introduction of HI group provides a way to provide a way to build a platform to build these businesses are connected to the group, to provide a richer category and choose.

on the platform, to build a set of HI group to build orders, customers, merchants, etc. SKU shelves as one of the ERP rating system, and every single building the required services reduced to the smallest unit, integration in the database. For example, how many bus companies in Shanghai, the hotel conference room LED screen size and so on, and the smallest units to arrange a combination of. Embossed painting, island, beach camping, prison, soccer, swimming pool bubble tear famous...... HI group built on the current platform provides more than and 100 categories and 1700 kinds of play.

hi League founder Zhang Haibo drew a horizontal axis, is to provide a service platform; longitudinal HR viscosity. Two are multiplied by the value of the company. HI group built in strong sales way to accumulate HR resources, according to reports, the company has 2000 HR resources, and 30% to maintain close contact. On the basis of HR resources, HI group built plan to expand the SKU, such as providing training, evaluation, interview SaaS collaboration and other services.

chose instead of proprietary platform," Hi League building "founder Zhang Haibo said, do have self two limitation: one is the delivery capacity bottlenecks, and do the project not too much, high labor costs; two is the innovation ability will be restricted, tend not social energy to innovation based on their own ability. "And in this field, innovation and delivery capabilities are the two most important things."

but the platform is a platform for businesses, if uneven, how to ensure the service quality? Zhang Haibo said, every business, in addition to collect basic information, according to our rules, after service, preparation, transportation, accommodation, security index design play more than and 20 items scoring to shelf. Currently there are more than 1 thousand platforms on the platform, the real implementation of the two hundred or three hundred or so. Platform will be based on the service quality of the business, the survival of the fittest update.

" is located in Shanghai HI group to build the predecessor is a social product "Hi", launched by the party line, the line to join the party, night running, riding exploration and other activities. But Zhang Haibo soon found that "online relationships - offline consumer content" business model requires a lot of user stock, not suitable for cold start startups products; strangers are not consuming entertainment content itself, but a social hormone, is not important what is important to play, and who play."

from the consumption of hormones to pay more attention to social strangers to play their acquaintance, in February this year, HI group built enterprises entertainment services, focused on enterprise group built and annual meeting. Service customers include TOYOTA, Aston Martin, Ford, Abbott, people network, 58 city, Baidu Post Bar, ocean terminal, little red book, the Shanghai urban construction, Metro holdings, Incake, China life, China Unicom, TV, Teambition, Hearst Chinese panda etc.. The team number 15 people, the founder of Zhang Haibo has ten years of experience in HR consulting, hope into the business scene in the play, to help enterprises achieve the purpose of management, at the same time with the broadcast and other Internet tools and help enterprises in brand building and dissemination.

financing, HI group built to get tens of millions of yuan A round of financing net investment. The future financing will be used in three aspects, one is Beijing, Shenzhen is two different expansion; the system deep in the North do more skillful; three is for some innovation in specific areas, such as the league construction and evaluation together.

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