Unmanned aerial vehicle into a tractor, the very beginning of the occupation of the peasants to fly the sky

Unmanned aerial vehicle tractor sky

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pole fly unmanned

< box-sizing: border-box; margin 1.4em 20px; line-height: 1.7rem; color: RGB (40, 40, 40); text-align: left; "> you see about the" aircraft carrier "is so big, if I didn't use the drones to fight drugs, these insects can" eat "out of my car" Highlander ".

"Highlander" is a TOYOTA SUV, the price of about 300 thousand yuan, the farmer said this is Chang Hongshan, he is 1500 acres of farmland in Xinjiang Yuli county. Although he told me first choice for UAV Dayao is very rational, not fresh, but he still kept holding hands close to the mobile phone screen scratches fuzzy, patting small video take-off, sent to the circle of friends to show off.

Chang Hongshan and he's going to sell sunflower seeds plant edible sunflower

farmers are intelligent and cautious, they are more concerned about the real effect, and do not care about those "fresh stuff" brought pleasure. Especially this kind of "farmers" of pesticide, if the time is late for a few days or the effect is not good, some diseases and insect pests and even lead to failure.

this is often Hongshan a try, he kind of edible sunflower has grown to a high, simply can not use artificial to fight drugs, if you use large machinery to fight drugs. That will be rolled off a part of farmland, not Crops Pests and diseases will not do so. And in accordance with the usual practice at this time to do nothing, only a few pests, free to eat, about 8% will be reduced by about.

but this year, Chang Hongshan heard that they have no drug with man-machine County farmers, he personally went to the process and effect of drugs, and that this is a more simple than renting service combine when the back began to order. "I now play medicine in addition to pest control, as well as pollination agents, good effect and can be increased by 20%, a 8 acres of service fee and artificial is not expensive, you can try. "

for the annual net income of about 1 million Chang Hongshan, a drug dosing cost about 30 thousand yuan, the" Highlander "the importance of self-evident. If you suddenly start to envy their income, but you also have to know that even if the weather is not to remove the cause of the weather, light disease and insect pests, if not timely prevention, this year may be able to lose millions of.

in Yuli County, there have been a lot like Chang Hongshan farmers began to use drones to spray this service, farmers have more trust and cannot do without this service, and gradually give up artificial dayao. Let the farmers try new UAV technology like this is not easy, but the local farmers willing to try and begin to trust this new technology, not only because of the "UAV" protection to let them see the disinfection effect, more because it is to provide farmers with pesticide spraying O2O service company -- fly gradually for agriculture to this a little bit "trust" between man and machine.

only in Xinjiang last year has been very agricultural use of drones to fly the plant protection of 560 thousand acres of farmland, 25 million acres of farmland in Xinjiang although this is only the tip of the iceberg. But this happened in Henan, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong and other places. Naturally, a fly this service technology not only a lot of labor for farmland protection, and increase the income of farmers like Chang Hongshan.

although there had been large aircraft plant protection operation example, but the cost is even, the scope of services are really just passable. The large-scale operation of the small UAV in the past can not be imagined, this is a new service, perhaps the first time the farmers O2O try, but it is growing rapidly.

on the market of plant protection UAV company has a lot of, is not the result of large batch verification but much more is to rely on the "sale of UAV" quickly earn a little money no, a system of customer service. If the UAV is a problem can not be timely maintenance, missed spraying time, the risk to make crops crops will be multiplied almost.

if 9 years of accumulated technology, but after the 2011 launch of consumer Xinjiang multi rotor UAV, a fly that he has missed a consumer market opportunities. So their story is to capture another piece of the sky - the agricultural market.

stagnant Xinjiang agriculture, it is a chance to

" before entering the Yuli County, you often see is the Land Rover, Lexus 570 raptors, such a car, you broken the yard to farmers are parked the car, it is no exaggeration to say the local the farmers are carrying sacks to collect the money, the car, because from the earliest agricultural tax, to set up third cotton warehousing base in Xinjiang, the cotton market is very good, the price soared to the highest 15 Block per kg per mu can earn more than 1 thousand. It can be said that farmers can earn money with their eyes closed. "" style= box-sizing: "border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

"is the delegation of the Ministry of agriculture, Xinjiang for three months, found in Yuli County Agricultural science. The farmer basically is open to a flat, forklift, a shop began to drip irrigation, cotton, yield less than 350 kg but still earn money, and this production in now even the capital is not earn back. "Style= box-sizing:" border-box margin:; 1.4em 20px

Zheng Tao, it can be said that he is Xinjiang people very early aerial. he also in Xinjiang set up their own aerial company, photographed the most beautiful Chinese and other famous aerial works.

Zheng Tao very early on with extreme flying aerial drones, have very good personal relationship and fly CEO Peng Bin. Suddenly one day, a call Peng Bin let the original and agricultural unrelated aerial enthusiasts started to pay attention to agriculture. Peng Bin said, "we're trying to do the farm market. Although Zheng Tao felt no end, but still invited Peng Bin to Xinjiang to play a few days, the way to see the market here. Then, two people each other to dispel the concerns of each other.

2014 began, countries abandoned the policy of temporary storage of cotton, cotton prices in 2016 is almost half of a few years ago, including subsidies 7.5 yuan per kilogram. Cotton as an important pillar industry in Xinjiang, it caused the decline in the price of Xinjiang's agriculture is not so before the boom, farmers are not very profitable, in this difficult industry to make money as difficult.

but Zheng Tao do a lot of homework, and friends, they know, thought, "the cotton price is good, farmers may not care about it the service, because what is money, once the market downturn began to hurt farmers, farmers began to save the cost, it is very fly, or the best chance of plant protection uav.

and Peng Bin came to Xinjiang, see endless fields, there are high labor costs, a conservative estimate is labor costs will be able to play light medicine accounted for 20% to about 30%. This is truly feel the agricultural market prospects, is also determined to spend energy to do this market.

"like" tractor resistance made UAV

from the beginning of the UAV is" mineral water bottle + car wiper nozzle "to verify the feasibility of the advent of the first generation to the second generation product upgrading, functional requirements, the needs of users that is not a product manager is portrayed in the Guangzhou research and development office, but it was born and raised in a relatively harsh environment of Xinjiang agricultural fields.

because the mainland most farmland area is relatively small and scattered, the beginning, a lot of plant protection UAV are manual flight can be completed, there is no consideration to draw the flight, flying the same pole. But the majority of Xinjiang is a large area of farmland, manual fly more can not guarantee the accuracy of. So the choice of flying from the beginning of the automated route, one by one to adapt and improve.

GPS signal is not good, the precision is not enough, a generation of drones in Xinjiang often no signal and mistakenly hit the protective forest, so the use of RTK in the second generation UAV on the fly (carrier phase differential base station assisted positioning technology), to ensure the accuracy of less than 20 cm. At the same time, they also continue to reduce the technical aspects of people, completely abandoned the hand-held controller. Now a person needs only with a mobile phone (A2 smart handheld terminal, it is an intelligent three machine) control 3 sets of UAV operations can be. Such an increase in efficiency, for this seasonal outbreak of the service is very important, but also to save a lot of manpower costs.

used high-pressure nozzle problem into a centrifugal nozzle. In addition to not easy clogging, better atomization and adapt to more agents, while centrifugal nozzle is driven by independent motor, but also can adjust velocity, when turning and switching channel to ensure uniform spraying.

there are many such details, completely modular composition, corrosion resistance, sealing the battery contacts motor, circuit board, even battery anti fall, simple maintenance and so on. An interesting detail is that the pole has been transferred to the centrifugal nozzle of industrial designers to the field of maintenance of the sprinkler experience life, designers go back to the head of the 13 screws on the re design of the 7 screws.

there in the official page did not mention the "automatic filling machine" good will, ratio of pesticide filtered into the special adaptation to many springing, can charge according to residual energy of uav. But the process of dilution of pesticide or powder dissolved pesticides are currently by manual operation, and there will be more farmers like Chang Hongshan needs two kinds of spraying agent are mixed together, it still cannot use the machine to complete, more is to technician of personal experience and familiarity of the pesticide.

"down to earth" the accumulation of technology, to ensure the UAV can be like the tractor, corrosion resistance, high temperature, anti made, and hope it will be like a "manipulator" did not stop precision work. Style= box-sizing: "border-box in addition to these, a very fly but also do the other more important thing is to know more about pesticides than farmers, more understanding of agriculture.

from the "high tech" to "down to earth"

two pesticides can mix together for spraying, what time, what different crop spraying pesticide has the best effect, how to identify crop pests and so on all of these require the UAV companies have a certain industry knowledge. So fly technology altogether to set up a subsidiary of "agriculture" to fly very dedicated service to farmers.

but seems to sell Hot pot bottom material the sudden transformation must go to sea fishing "" Hot pot shop, do a good service difficulty is far more than a a reliable product to be many times more difficult. fly is not available pesticides, but if more than farmers understand the pesticide in the service, at the same time will go to the farmers some better recommended pesticides, so that this service is not only reflected in the results of pesticide spraying rapid and uniform, and hope that more and more can bring more real to farmers the income from the dominant crop harvest, so the service value can be more obvious, very fly in so doing.

such intimate services behind, is caused by a large number of "word of mouth", the traditional rule of Internet O2O here seem to have lost the power of magic. "As long as a farmer service effect is good, the surrounding farmland basically is you, at the same time, small farmers with good effect, there will be more and more big orders" obviously, the farmers believe that seeing is believing.

in order to maintain the rapid growth of such service demand, agricultural pole fly from more than and 40 last year, now expanded to more than and 800 people. Zheng Tao said, they are still in September outside the slack time, in March to carry out training, stop the "copy" of the team.

on the other side, improvements very fly R & D center in Guangzhou is not stop in Xinjiang to accept all kinds of service team, through make use of the lowest cost, let it become a fool "tool", the easier it will be to expand the team, but also to prevent the service because of individual differences and "decay". and their first choice in Xinjiang is here because of the seasonal crop diversification, not completely broke out, now also by scheduling management to deal with certain regional orders this outbreak.

due to evaporation during the day is too high, spraying is basically from the beginning of the evening to the morning of the second day, now a car carrying two sets of UAV has been able to finish the homework a night more than 1 thousand acres of land, and the efficiency is comparable to more than and 80 farmers work.

when farmers call order, first will have the surveyors and farmland mapping upload routes, but can not find the exact address lost things also occur, so now they will in a corner of the field to determine a location of RTK base station, take the cost to build a cement pile, so second times after the service will be very smooth.


to understand agriculture, agriculture is not only extremely fly over a wide range of agriculture related to recruit talent, they are also still in the development of multispectral camera recognition technology, so that diagnostic service UAV can provide more professional farmland at the same time, with more automated drone area spraying, supporting the use of these may have put together a set of more complete closed loop in the future.

for flying, "we just want a bit more than the opponent, but more like Chang Hongshan in around the" farmers, farming "this thing is because such technology companies become less hard.


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