Watch Apple first anniversary: the revolution has not yet succeeded, please continue to work hard


tengxunshuma· 2016-04-23 14:51:05

at the end of the week, we usher in the apple watch listed on the first anniversary of the day. Recall that the 12 month, smart watch market development is very rapid. Not only is apple watch, including those using the Android system wear fossil, Michael kors, Nixon and tag heuer.

in listing 12 months, smooth and Fitbit segmentation the smart watches and bracelets market. It can be said that this year, Apple Watch had a good. After Apple's first smart watch listed on the first anniversary, if we take a closer look at the whole process, in fact, for apple, is not particularly perfect.
in some evaluation and test, people found Apple watch for the motion data statistics and no imagination in accurate, even in the basic function and $15 a motion tracker is no different. Even if the built-in heart rate tracker, but after leaving iPhone, or what to do.
Watch needs more autonomous functions.

for smart watches, consumer demand is very clear, the smaller, thinner and longer battery life, support GPS positioning and so on. These are the most basic requirements for Watch Apple should not be too much of a problem.
the first apple watch basically left the iPhone what also do not span style = "line-height: 1.6; box-sizing: border box;" >, and only the most basic motion tracking function. But until the watchOS 2 system update, Apple will allow developers to obtain the internal sensor.
but although watchOS 2 deemed to be outside Apple watch big upgrade, but actually brought changes and not so obvious, and even began to prohibit the use of third-party strap consumers.
in 2016, apple watch at present also not disruptive new changes, and in addition to the new system, new hardware seem only in the configuration to improve and enhance the. So Watch Apple after the first anniversary of the listing, there is still more room for improvement.
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