Microsoft Google stop suing each other to expand cooperation; Qualcomm and LG LG promised to pay the settlement of patent disputes

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1., Microsoft Google stop mutual complaints and expand cooperation and development;

2. and LG patent fee dispute settlement Qualcomm LG promises to pay more; the draft revision of

3. Patent Law for public: the implementation of strict patent protection system;

4. Microsoft's new patent: let the lock screen notification icon and is no longer a digital

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1. Microsoft, Google and stop each other v. expand cooperation and development;

Microsoft and Google earlier foreign statement, the two sides will stop around the world asking complaints, also stressed that the future both sides will cooperate to solve the competition, rather than wasting time and cost in legal proceedings.

root according to Microsoft, Google earlier declaration content that in the future the two sides will stop in the world mutual v., and any future competition before resorting to legal means, both sides will attempt by cooperation of common solution will not be time cost and other cost in legal proceedings. At present, Microsoft, Google, respectively, were withdrawn from all over the world to the other side of the proceedings, and that should focus on expanding their own product application development.

to the Microsoft development model, its contains office, Skype and other services tended to expand service through the Android rivals such as operating system, and Google with windows extended its Chrome browser market share, also through windows, accounting for rate driven percentage using the service, and as a result of increased advertising revenue, so basically the two sides can be said to be mutually competitive, but also by the other platform resources development.

however, although Microsoft in September last year agreed to abandon to Google filed a patent lawsuit. At the same time this also announced through mutual cooperation to expand, but of the Android operating system continued technology patent fees charged. Economic daily

2. Qualcomm and LG patent fee dispute reconciliation LG promises to pay more;

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on April 23rd news, according to South Korean media reported that the Qualcomm Corp and the LG electronic years of patent disputes has ended, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, LG a step back, promised to pay more for the Qualcomm chip, at the same time also promised to order more products. Class= P2 ">

the settlement was announced before, Qualcomm expects third quarter profit fell short of expectations, because the shipping company of the number of chips will decline, including smart phone chip. As a leader in mobile chip industry, Qualcomm influence in Utah, but no 10 years ago so great, because competitors to Qualcomm put great pressure on the price. Class= P2 ">

another LG executive said: "Samsung and apple made their own smart phone chips. About patent fee adjustment problem, LG can use the means is not much, really a little regret."

as Qualcomm problem has been solved, because the Oracle has won the patent lawsuit, LG Electronics also to Google pay more in royalties. Because Android software infringes Oracle holds Java patents, United States Supreme Court ordered Google claims 1 trillion won (about 900 million U. S. dollars), this of LG is a big blow, because all LG mobile phones are equipped with Android Software. The source said: "Android software is free to use, manufacturers do not need to pay the cost of Google. But Google will pay for Oracle, which will certainly affect the LG electronics."

in order to reduce the dependence of Qualcomm mobile chip, LG has invested millions of dollars in its chip development, but these chips only in cheaper models. (compiler / Tiger Tao)

3.: the implementation of strict patent protection system;

  China Economic Net Beijing on December 2nd news (reporter Li Wanxiang) the patent law of the people's Republic of China revised draft legislative affairs office of the State Council today released the State Intellectual Property Office submitted to the State Council's "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the send review), solicit views of the community.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; send reviewers further perfect the patent protection system with Chinese characteristics, the implementation of strict patent protection system. Send reviewers recommend: to solve the problem of hard evidence, improve the relevant rules of evidence; in order to solve the "long cycle" problem, the validity of the administrative mediation agreement; in order to solve the problems of "low compensation, added the intentional torts, punitive damages system; in order to solve the problems of high cost, poor effect,, increase of willful infringement behavior group infringement, such as repeated infringement investigation, increase penalties for counterfeiting the patent, perfecting administrative law enforcement means, clear indirect tort liability and network service providers of legal responsibility, establishing the patent protection of the right of credit information files. Class= >

     ; at the same time, send reviewers to promote the implementation and application of patent, realize the value of patent. Through improve the duty invention system, to resolve patent creation, management and application of the outstanding issues, sound to the market demand is a patented technology oriented transformation mechanism, better to encourage innovation and promote the implementation and application of patent.

      on the one hand, the draft proposal: to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the inventor or designer, promote technology innovation, clear duty invention scope of the provisions of the use of material and technical conditions of the unit the invention ownershipapplies agreed priority principle; for the problem of low research institutions, to solve the country to establish the patent technology of institutions of higher learning conversion rate, allowing the inventor or designer according to the implementation of the agreement and unit of patent technology, and obtain the corresponding revenue; in order to solve the problem of information asymmetry between supply and demand of patent licensing, learn from foreign experience, the introduction of permission of course system, reduce the cost of patent license; to handle the relationship between standard and patent regulations, implied standard essential patent licensing system increased; Provisions on the principle of preventing the abuse of patent right. Class= >

     ; send reviewers also improve the patent examination system, improve the quality of patent.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; to adapt to China's economic development and demand for innovation, combined with international development trend and draft appropriate to expand the scope of object of patent protection, increase the protection of local appearance design, extend the term of protection of the appearance design patent; from the convenience for people, improving patent quality angle of, optimization of patent application, examination, reexamination and invalidation procedure, increase in the appearance of design domestic priority right system, improve the priority requirements, clear the patent reexamination and invalidation procedure of ex officio principle of review.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; in addition, sent to reviewers to perfect the legal system of patent agents, and promote the healthy development of intellectual property services.

      according to the needs of the development of practice, the draft to further improve the legal system of patent agents, the basic standards of practice for the provisions of the patent agencies and patent agency division, strengthen supervision, to stop the "black agent" behavior, make clear provisions of the patent agency industry organization, create a conducive to the legitimate business, honest and trustworthy, orderly competition environment for the rule of law; clear the patent administrative department to encourage and regulate the market of patent information service and patent operations responsibility, cultivation of patent information service institutions to form a number of market-oriented, professional and international actively provide strategic planning, patent, patent analysis, early warning and other high-level overseas rights as the main innovation service. Class= >

      in recent years, our country has a significant effect on patent protection

  & nbsp; & nbsp; the implementation of strict patent protection system, protect innovators of the legitimate rights and interests, promote patent implementation and use, fully stimulate innovation and vitality of the whole society, to deepen the reform of the system of science, technology and economy, the transformation of the mode of economic development and the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, building innovative country to provide legal protection.

4. Microsoft's new patent: let the lock screen notification icon and is no longer a digital

2016 in February 4th, Microsoft unveiled a submission to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office on the "Rich Notifications" trademark / patent application, the 27 page of Microsoft in an overview of the current mobile phone lock screen notification mode and display position in the future allows users without leaving the lock screen case for more information about notification.

currently lock screen viewing knowledge, often just to see how much notice in, such as two missed calls only access to the telephone interface in order to know who the caller, and Microsoft's rich notifications function can with gesture directly in the lock screen to view, such as slide on the two missed call button, you can see us in the specific information.

in wrote:

this before, notification (also known as badges) has been achieved in the lock screen to the ability of users to quickly preview. These notifications can indeed provide a very intuitive information for users, including providing notice of the application icon and application of counting, for example, shows how many unread e-mail notifications and weather notice and so on, but after all applications use this way to provide notice becomes quite confused, causing the user is difficult to distinguish what is important to notice. In order to find out what is important, the user must unlock the screen to start menu, to find the application and then open the application to get the notification content. As time goes on, this can cause users to appear frequently inefficient operations, and in the time of receipt of information to force the user to perform a number of operations.  

    source: global network

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