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tongzhuangliuxingqushi· 2016-08-10 15:54:16

had to say that many parents are very concerned about the children! Even the children in order to Bo smile, parents can take the form of Max, some DIY hands-on "works" for children to play. In foreign countries, there is a mother called Missilluzion, together with her husband for his son to do a two story Castle House, to see this little castle, any who would want to live in it! So they used

framework about 5cm thick, 10cm wide wood to make the castle.

and then we made wood board walls, cutting out the window and the shape of the turret. Floor two floor needs to be very strong, so they use a heavier board to strengthen the floor.

come in outer tiles affixed looks very texture!

you will do so-called intention to do this for my mom and dad are still inside the castle oil color!

so they also cover the steps of a ring type, so that my son can easily climb the two floor.

you in the eyes of the children, the castle did not slide is also called the castle?

so dark and bordered material make the castle house cut a sophisticated feel "img_box" id= "~

you can walk up and down the stairs in order to let the children safe that is not tied to the wood, my parents had bought carpet nails on the stairs.

we finally plus manual curtains and family. It looks great!

come to see the inside of the two floor, the environment is also very comfortable, very suitable for children in reading and learning.

you a floor looks very warm, caring mother also put the iPad frame on the inside, so that children can watch the film inside. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" have such a pair of intentions of the father and mother, believe that the children's childhood is unforgettable!

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