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yesterday's circle of friends is a "swimming world debris" to refresh it, in the women's 100 meter backstroke semifinals for China player Fu Yuanhui suddenly burst red.

not because of her what was particularly proud of the achievements, nor did what the move to … …

is just an interview, has a completely different with the other players China reaction, created a style upright magic full screen, so that a moment look through her bones "three, instant powder of countless Road turn.

package and a piece of her face has been all over the whole network, just put two to the pro review. … …

" reporter: "you swim 58 seconds 95& hellip; …

Fu Yuanhui:" 58 seconds "95? I thought I was 59 seconds, I have so fast?! I am very satisfied!"

reporter: "do you think this state reserved?"

Fu Yuanhui: "no reservations! I have used the force field! …

< /p> "(it is said that this expression was named as" Hui Garden breath ", the girl reporter

real true ah)" is not the final tomorrow full of hope?"

Fu Yuanhui: "no! I'm very satisfied!"

reporter: that tomorrow come!

Fu Yuanhui: ah … …

" when I see these scenes really laugh all the tears out, imagine not appear on camera journalist mark is also black face, the heart may O.S. "this is where the snake, how to sneak into the national team?

(1 minutes and 12 seconds to complete the

version of the video can stamp) experienced a day before Sun Yang is holding the reporter crying scenes of people finally eat melon boiling, everyone flocked to Fu Yuanhui micro-blog, watching her what a strange woman.

is said to be her fans around 50 thousand or so, at night I look at the time has been 1 million 370 thousand, the number is still increasing.

and she really did not disappoint, funny and domineering style full of micro-blog, I brush for several pages laugh to tears down, feel like watching a comedy routine.

a new micro-blog she sent to her, seems to be in a sudden burst of red responded, saying "take the King Dragon knife", can let the masses directly eat melon "stunning", because we really never seen such Olympic athletes!

, she is not only in the Olympic Games was so excited, these years she participated in the big and small country, world competition is always walking look package.


and even the media as early as a year ago, it had this title to describe her: "img_box

reports in written sentences will make us feel today to see Fu Yuanhui, she is a completely true.

play before going in the wrong lane, an interview with gestures and facial expressions, often "trick" training the coaches and players, this kind of performance is very difficult to imagine in the low-key and reserved China athletes. Fu Yuanhui is an exception, she exaggerated the move completely out of her mind.

Hangzhou girl Fu Yuanhui in the team the nickname of "Fu Ye", previously also called "Fu brother", but actually she is only 20 years old.

her first world championship medal is won at the age of 15 World Youth Championships in the women's 100 meter backstroke silver medal, in September of the same year, she won the National Swimming Championship in the women's 100 meters backstroke champion. In fact, she was just

from freestyle to backstroke, two years later in 2013, the first time she participated in the world championships, won the silver medal in the women's 50 meters backstroke, lost to teammate Zhao Jing, is expected to develop in Rio medal in the national swimming team key players.

" she said after the game he wasn't qualified to take the gold medal, "if I won the gold medal, you smug, no future. In fact, silver for me is not necessarily bad, there is a person in front, you can go after her, so that would be more positive."

at that time, she did not deny his desire for the Olympic gold medal:

I always have the Olympic dream, can not lose the dream, lost the dream will not go forward. There is a song is ‘ the most crazy dream is definitely the most beautiful ’ I am not a little lack of this idea. but I don't give myself too much pressure. I think it's important to be beautiful.

in the championship, Fu Yuanhui has been in the minds of the stage of the project, "100 feet of water I drink is back to (in the first leg, here) next time to drink mouthwash slobber (in her head, here) there is progress is good, not all the pressure can be converted into power, pick a few you love on his shoulders can be ." Class= img_box "

she was so calm three years ago, no wonder that they will be in the Olympic Games, the performance of the semi - final. She has a dream, but more, or enjoy the game, enjoy the process, enjoy her state better than any time.

what she really cared about was what she had rarely said: "I have been keen to observe, to train and to play. I will remember the setbacks, remember the injured, who let me hurt, who let me fail, I will remember, where to fall, forced himself to be strong up.

"this is a game really some of the healthy mind ah, but the Olympic Games with the complex feelings of national and state investment, had such a mentality distorted to the numerous media reports, after watching Sun Yang lost the gold medal with the reporters into our heart is five mixed.

; this is a way that some players, regardless of her face is not the highest level of the world game.

believe that someone will be curious, so the unique baby is how to raise it?

Fu Yuanhui is not born in the sports family, her mother is a hotel employee, Dad as a shipping clerk, this seemingly has nothing to do with the family sports have a common hobby - sports.

Mom Dad love love playing badminton, swimming, and even Fu Yuanhui over seventy years Grandpa is a sports fan, also once ran a marathon, crossing the Qiantang River.

in the family strong sports atmosphere under the influence of 5 year old Fu Yuanhui was sent to Hangzhou's famous father Chen Jingguan sports school to practice swimming.

when she had mild bronchial asthma, parents want her by swimming to enhance physical fitness, reduce the number of her asthma relapse, and can learn a specialty.

never imagined that the Fu Yuanhui show excels in the swimming area, so the right to enter the swimming team.

when she got the silver medal World Championships in the 50 meter backstroke, Fu dad said: "we are very proud for her daughter, final win medals does not matter, we do not say her goal, it is important to enjoy, happy. but there is a principle, it is necessary to have their own, at least in 10 years after the recall of this course, or stay with regret."

I went to look at the micro-blog Fu Fu dad mom, almost all for his daughter to cheer the content. Dad, the latest one of the micro-blog evaluation of his daughter "innocent", the mother also for her daughter to do facial expressions.

dad saw her training tired to pull ribs, performance is full of love, and her mother is hoping his daughter to take care of yourself.

" when Fu Yuanhui wrote an article in honor of his 20 birthday, his father a few isolated words and phrases expression is "pleased". And the mother in the micro-blog more time, like Fu Ye's "lost sister"".

Fu dad and Fu Ma was very clear, as parents, can add stress to my daughter. Although each contest basically every day and her daughter on the phone, but does not involve the basic performance, the target is more of a class of topics, talk about the weather, diet, rest, and listen to Yuanhui Fu about meeting Happy day.

contest at present, Fu Yuanhui's face is never appear nervous, always show all kinds of exaggerated smile; in the eyes of the daughter is not the father of Fu, pretending to be calm, but the heart feel happy.

"her happiness index is very high, because she felt that the kindergarten, primary school, sports school teachers are very much in love with her parents and family, love her too, which is very happy." He forwarded over a "why American children so confident," after each of the controls, he wrote: "there is a sense, thanks to the way I have been doing it all the time,"

said." This article first wrote is "love parents unconditional child".

he was in the 18 year old Fu Yuanhui the day before the birth of micro-blog said: "the father is in my life the best work."

must be very pleased "Dad Fu Fu ye are so optimistic and confident character, especially the young go in sports on the road, more particularly precious.

Fu Yuanhui wrote down the words to himself when she was 20 years old:

I have spent twenty years in this world.

I'm looking for the meaning of my life, and the attitude of the world.

just belongs to me, the one and only.

I see why I live.

what kind of life I want.

is very simple.

happy. Love. Thanksgiving.

this is what I want.

outstanding is not excellent, in fact, there is no relationship. As long as the

to process, and can have a clear conscience.

how the outcome, but also has not care about.

how many people in this world, when young desire to be a hero, but eventually became the ordinary people in the red fireworks. If health, if happy, if not contrary to their own mind, our children, why can not be a kind of ordinary people? Is it because

is an Olympian, involuntarily entered the track, we must fight a fight at outrance do?

Fu Yuanhui gave us these parents, a sonorous and forceful answer — — in fact, a culture like her, not dazzling but very hard, not the first but always optimistic, not so beautiful but comfortable children, is perhaps the best results.

whether she will be able to get a medal today, she is our favorite Olympic athlete, and she feels happy and satisfied, that's enough.


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