Five army chuishiban women in the kitchen cooking than Mongolia

Mongolia five Bambi cooking

wangyituji· 2016-08-10 15:58:42

"International Military game" 2016 "field kitchen" kicks off in Moscow elabinuo team the day before. "Field kitchen" game in Russia, Angola, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, the 5 team (editor's note: this column has a list of participating countries in Egypt, but somehow, the ultimate future entries) is divided into preparation, cooking and baking bread cooking contest competition and national cuisine masters three links. Prior to the preparation stage of the competition, brave China team sharpshooters, already before the next city, behind in the first.

first look at the Russian military to provide the "equipment": a bag of flour, a bag of rice, plus some fruit, pumpkin. Simple raw materials, how to cook delicious food, this is not a small test. Use

of Russia cooking appliance "img_box"

in the

>[Liberation Army team: a pastry, a garnish division, the two brothers group.

to host Russian team: the Russian team clothing is very characteristic.

at the Mongolia team, an uncle with two beauties, busy awfully.

the next appearance of the Angola black sorghum team

is the finale of the Kazakhstan team

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Chinese team brought out to make good dishes

Angola dishes

China team works showcase, color collocation is very good, one can have an appetite.

tasted each team

< /p> five team competition team photo. The last question to come, why the five teams, only one Mongolia team has a female army kitchen? The legend of the tofu? This problem is not difficult to answer, first of all, although most countries including China and Russia, the women's international top chef cooking housekeeping, but are often male. Secondly, the army cook to the army troops to travel down a pot of rice, the service of great strength. Women to do so in the military class, especially the field forces chuishiban, on rare beauty figure.

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