South Korea formally clarify the position of the Chinese did not cancel the SA

Saad no stand missile

huanqiushibao· 2016-08-10 15:59:14

original title: Korean media: Korea China officially stated position not to cancel the deployment of Thad

in the deployment of sadean issue, South Korea seems to iron the heart. According to South Korean diplomatic sources, South Korea's ambassador Kim Jin 8 met with the Chinese government on the Korean Peninsula affairs special representative Wu Dawei. Yonhap said, this is the official criticism of the South Korean Chinese thad after deployment, the first time the South Korean government official to China through diplomatic channels to clarify the position. It is speculated that Kim Akizhu is likely to convey to Wu Dawei South Korea could never cancel the deployment plan and other content, also stressed that China should continue to pressure on North korea.

the United States, "Christian Science Monitor," said South Korea some scholars warned that the deployment of SA is not in line with the needs of South korea. The United States in East Asia and the South China Sea with Chinese influence, Seoul could become the pawns in chess game strategy. Cui Zhongjian, an international relations professor at Yonsei University in Seoul, said that while South Korea needs China to sanction North Korea and push North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, it is deteriorating relations with China.

"Korea Herald" quoted the 9 South Korean intelligence officials said that the DPRK Foreign Ministry recently deployed Deding SA as to North Korea's provocations and threats to security in Northeast Asia, issued a pointer to the propaganda battle to all overseas residence. "Central Daily" commented that North Korea is through fermentation Sade problem weakening of sanctions, some people worry that Chinese along North Korea's intentions, especially if the ROK and Japan - in Russia "confrontation is cured, the international community to prevent the North Korean missile development system can crack.

why China ROK relations from the honeymoon period quickly fell to the trough? The view is that this is because the relationship between the two countries is mainly based on the economy, at a critical moment, economic cooperation will make the country's interests in the country. China Asia Pacific Association of Korean Peninsula Research Committee Wang Linchang 9 of the "Global Times" reporter said, the economy does not guarantee good cooperation relationship for a long time, also need strong political basis, on major issues to have the same or similar views, otherwise it will be very strong.

because of the Sino Korean relations crisis and how to break the bureau? South Korea "world daily" said, at the beginning of September will be held in Hangzhou during the G20 summit, if South Korea to hold summit talks, the relations between the two countries will usher in turn. South Korea "the Asian economy" 9 quoted Chong Wa Dae staff said, in order to convey the ROK position on thad issue to the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, has been through a secret contact with china. Wang Linchang told the Global Times reporter, SA de serious threat to China's security, do not give up SA, it is difficult to fundamentally improve the relationship between China and korea.

8 in late August to early September, the Northeast Asian region around the possible contradictions thad is facing a major decision. The judgment of the "world news" said in August 22, Japan and South Korea the United States will start Ulchi freedom Guardian joint military drill, and at the beginning of the September International Conference in Russia held the Eastern Economic Forum and the ASEAN summit. Russia's "business people" said, has decided to attend the East Economic Forum park will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The surveillance system of the system can cover most of China and the whole Far East area. So in any case, Moscow would not agree. (source: Global Times)

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