WZ 10 test flight details: landing nearly air disintegration

Wu Zhi almost details Lu hang

huanqiuwang· 2016-08-10 16:00:02

recently, CCTV news program on an aviation flight brigade deeds were reported for the first time exposure of the straight 10 armed helicopter made an emergency landing in the test in detail.

WZ 10 testing machine rotor load test, the helicopter suddenly decreased rapidly from the height of 1800 meters, the helicopter rocked.

cabin lights basically all started blinking, can not control the situation more and more obvious, the crew decisively choose forced down.

site inspection found that the helicopter tail skin multiple lacerations, serious damage, tail drive system tubing, hydraulic oil leakage, if the operation is slightly incorrect, it may cause the helicopter air disintegration.

Wu straight 10 in paddy field on the surface of

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