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was acquired by school representative: fast and easy to be frozen if not being exposed

industry has just completed business registration name, legal representative, investors (equity) and a series of information change, I am afraid that very few people will think of the former Jingdong and destabilize the electricity supplier website. After being transferred to the Tencent Jingdong, it completely bid farewell to the electricity business road. This series of information change also means that easy fast complete the legal sense of delivery.

, the Beijing Daily reporter login the network fast and easy to see, now the site has changed, even the conventional electricity supplier website classification of goods have disappeared, but the change of drying material evaluation, preferential purchase, public test, find information, life records and other channels, the main content, even some of the evaluation of goods, can not buy in fast in.

as one of the first batch of Chinese B2C website, launched in 2006 of the same fast and easy network 3C business started, and with low-cost, three day delivery and other close combat tactical long-term rival Jingdong, and has been recognized in the east area of china. In 2010, Yi Xun and Tencent to achieve cooperation, was later incorporated into the Tencent holding Tencent electricity supplier system, through Tencent and other social software is fast and easy diversion. This model has been optimistic about the industry. However, in 2014, the Tencent shares of the Jingdong, and the B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat Network, as well as a minority stake in easy fast network package to the Jingdong, but Yi Xun did not enter the Jingdong system, but the formation of the "depth of strategic cooperation and Jingdong".

is such a deep partnership opened fast and easy to be frozen off. Yi Xun network general manager Tang Hengsheng said in an interview, Yi Xun and Jingdong cooperation mode is the two sides have seek common ground, procurement, logistics and supply chain can improve efficiency through scale do a merger, long-term strategic positioning and easy fast network itself was transformed into "business of media". The so-called electricity provider of the media, that is, in the traditional electricity suppliers of products, prices, services three aspects, adding content and community factors, specific practices, including product testing and line activities, etc..

adhere to school representative: VANCL borrow cultural marketing stiff

up to billions of dollars of debt was dragging where customers now survive. However, is no longer brave.

in the day before all passengers aged founder in a TV show about star Jay Chou's remarks once again pushed him in the teeth of the storm, provocative remarks let him become a target for all young people in, is also reminiscent of the current hot star enterprise. But the tide quickly spread quickly, no one seems to pay attention to him this time coming out is to sell every guest the t-shirt.

as everyone knows, aged at the age of 38 Where the customer brand experience and creation, success and failure of a roller coaster. In 2007 we founded in 2010 "VANCL style" advertising where suddenly became popular, sweeping the high streets and back lanes, when revenues exceeded 2 billion, in the entire industry rapidly. Second years, customers began crazy expansion, turnover target to 6 billion yuan, is 3 times last year, then continue to overweight, adjusted to 10 billion yuan. Within a few months, the new plant and production lines, hundreds of new employees into the job, the team expanded to 13 thousand people...... Thus, small fresh customer, in the management of out of shape.

crazy expansion has accelerated out of control in the management of the customer. Companies from the valuation of $5 billion to investors look not to see, the office building from the East Third Ring Road to the South five top office building, the staff also from the maximum of 13 thousand people to the current 180. When the worst, we have about 50000000 pieces of 1 billion 900 million yuan worth of stock, only ten yuan loss clearance, and liabilities.

now also finished the debt we re starting the launch of iron shirt, released the T-shirt, get the new management idea of vintage frankly, as like what time we may have failed, so many years. But it seems in the industry, where customers want to re board the fall peak is difficult.

to send representatives to the health of the United States: Mcglaughlin

B2C industry transformation domestic electricity supplier first shares Mcglaughlin had retreated in the electricity supplier war scenes, today it is out of the last halo. In April this year, in the case of the stock return wave, China's B2C electricity suppliers first shares, Mcglaughlin announced that the company's outstanding shares will be fully acquired in order to complete the privatization, and delisting from the nasdaq. It is worth mentioning that the former electricity suppliers have long abandoned the first main industry, to the health of the U.S. industry transformation.

in the Jingdong, Ali before Mcglaughlin was a domestic electricity supplier in the field of art, with countless aura. Founded in 1996, Mcglaughlin, is China first approved by the government in the mail order business of foreign-funded enterprises, mainly engaged in garments, jewelry, Home Furnishing products, health supplies and other goods. At that time, with new catalogs, website stores and other multi-channel sales mode, Mcglaughlin quickly became the most popular shopping company Chinese female consumers. In 2010, Mcglaughlin as a domestic electricity supplier in the field of force, successfully listed on Nasdaq, becoming the B2C listed first. However, Mcglaughlin began a sharp decline in performance in the fourth quarter of 2013 net loss of $11 million 200 thousand, the annual loss of $26 million 600 thousand.

then sanpower group business network announced to spend about $39 million acquisition of approximately 63.7% of the shares of Mcglaughlin, and began the business transformation. Beijing Business Daily reporter now log on again to see the Mcglaughlin website, Mcglaughlin mainly to provide beauty skin care, health and health of the two major categories of goods, such as clothing and other goods have long gone. Mcglaughlin also in the publicity, said he is a leading health and beauty of the way of life of enterprises.

although the transformation untold let Mcglaughlin again to return to the top, but also to find a space for one person in new lonely after. Mcglaughlin reported in the four quarter of 2014, beautiful and healthy lifestyle business line net profit reached $1 million 800 thousand, but due to the huge loss of business clothing, the overall performance is affected by the. And in the first three quarters of 2015, Mcglaughlin net profit of $3 million 130 thousand.

die sent representative: Wo Wo Group after the listing of

with thousands of insurance, Wo Wo Group has finally successfully listed on nasdaq. Although the name of the first domestic O2O, but a gimmick is far greater than the substance, the bleeding market also let it pay a painful price. Not listed with Wowo victory in the war later in life service platform, but also full of variables in the subsequent transformation.

was a major player in the market as a group purchase, from 2011, Wo Wo Group began to impact the market. For four years, has experienced a series of farce after Wo Wo Group finally completed in 2015 listed, but listed on the same day raised only $40 million. Listing shortly after, Wowo found local life service platform has become a new high, Baidu Nuomi, new reputation three giants of the world.

Wo Wo Group announced earlier, and people AP (Hongkong) investment limited partnership, to the layout of the whole industry chain of Internet platform model, and named "all litters". In June this year, announced the change Wowo trading code on the NASDAQ Global Market for "JMU", to the hospitality industry B2B e-commerce platform development. Subsequently, Shanghai has announced that will be $368 million (about 311 million yuan) to acquire 9.82% stake in litters. Visit the U.S. capital market to the Internet platform Wowo already disappeared in the field of life services. In fact,

, in the electricity supplier war tide, a large number of litters could not get the same as a space for one person in the first deep plowing fields, but more is as fast as trassient as a fleeting cloud leaving no trace of a trace disappeared.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Wu Wenzhi Wang Yun

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