The old woman cheated the famous painter Fang Fengfu 71 paintings on the value of the yuan

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>女子骗走著名老画家方凤富71幅画作 价值上亿元

Chongqing evening news yesterday, the Chongqing nationality of the famous Chinese painter Fang Fengfu finally took back cheated 71 paintings (such as figure). The case was shocked the country calligraphy and painting circle, after the police efforts back.

in August 2014, Fang Fengfu received a call from a home for Beijing. Call the woman claiming to Wu eyes, is the National Museum planning department staff. Wu eye said, National Museum is planning a new year in 2015 before the calendar, let Fang Fengfu paintings as a calendar with pictures, only Fang Fengfu paintings electronic files, do not charge any fees. Fang Fengfu called his son through electronic mail will be part of the drawings of electronic documents to wu.

a few days later, Wu eye again calls Fang Fengfu for the address, will make a good return to the calendar.

Fang Fengfu recalls, sent 5 of the calendar have his resume, also printed with "National Museum", "China painting master Fang Fengfu". The sender address is Wu eye, National Museum planning department.

then, Wu eye to do exhibition etc., from Fengfu at up to 71 picture. However, no exhibition held, Wu eye also disappeared.

last April, Fang Fengfu alarm. After investigation, Beibei police confirmed that National Museum has no Wu eyes, have not received the Fang Fengfu painting. Fang Fengfu received the calendar and newspaper, are counterfeit items. Police in Guangdong arrested the suspect Zhou, Fang Fengfu at his residence found 71 paintings, his wife for a be arrested.

police, according to market assessment, Fang Fengfu cheated paintings worth billions of dollars.

recently, the court ruling on the case, the defendant Zhou for the purpose of illegal possession, together with others to take fictional facts and other means to cheat other people's property, a huge amount of fraud shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility sentenced Zhou was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and fined 60 thousand yuan. Because for somewhere in the lactation period, according to the police to bail them. Chongqing evening news reporter


the Yellow River photography news

Fang Fengfu, Chongqing Zhongxian people, born in September 1937, is good at painting in the painting industry known as Chinese grape, the grape king reputation. Now the Southwestern University professor of Academy of Fine Arts, member of the United Nations, Chinese Artists Association Artists Association arts consultant, Chinese international painting and Calligraphy Research Association, American Artist Association honorary vice chairman, honorary vice president of the China painting and Calligraphy Institute, a British Cambridge international income "intellectual celebrities".

in 2013, 2014, nearly 8 years of Professor Fang Fengfu has visited Bangkok, Paris, Thailand, France held a special solo art exhibition, received a high praise of international art and Chinese Culture Ambassador reputation.

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