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Artificial intelligent retouching application of Prisma "img_box"

is among the most fire, photos and paintings style together fully captured, including the Russian Prime Minister, the global number of users heart. However, due to the influx of a large number of users led to the server may not support, slow speed so you wait until the flowers are thanks to the … …

do not worry, there are many other options. AppSo (micro signal appsolution) today recommended 5 equally beautiful interesting picture processing applications, you must be able to make the "art" photos stunning circle of friends. [

] limit free classic signature: Brushstroke #iOS #Android

Brushstroke is the oil painting style image processing application of a famous, you can edit from the style, color, canvas, photo, signature of this 5 part parameters. It is worth mentioning that, Brushstroke control of the style of painting is rare.

open application page selected photos, you can click on the top of the cut. Style options are divided into 13 types, such as oil painting, watercolor, abstract, a total of 73 models of alternative styles. Brushstroke rendering speed, compared with a filter, basically identical.

color, canvas and picture parameter of these functions are not discussed here, apart from the style of painting, painting is a kind of signature to reflect a sense of ritual. Brushstroke close to for each of the works automatically prepare a different signature color, and will be saved in the machine, do not open to re sign every time .

Brushstroke is Apple Store offers limited free, as of September 1, 2016, but had early cut-off, so please download as soon as possible, pocket for security.

Apple Store download, you can see under the designated limit free benefits, click "download" will jump to App Store, click the "exchange" the words will automatically download;

in AppSo micro signal appsolution navigation bar, you every day will be able to obtain high-quality limited free app information.

Brushstroke for iOS 8.1+ iPhone and iPad MB, size 31.4, price 30 yuan, Apple Store limit free, purchase illustration package 6 yuan, including 28 styles, 20 colors, 12 kinds of canvas.

: Alter #iOS #Android

Prisma and Prisma meet as equals night explosion of red, once started to completely stop. However, the existing filter style is too strong, so that its limitations soon emerged - style filters have been developers fixed.

today, a relatively small minority of new Alter, keen to aim at this point, the first allows users to upload their own personal style of image processing, is perhaps the most application of hope and Prisma meet as equals. Class= "img_box" id= "

"content_img_p" with Prisma time, 20% of the time in the selection of style, and the remaining 80% of the time waiting for loading. Artificial intelligence algorithm based on similar, must be uploaded to the network to be processed, so the processing speed of Alter is just about the same ".

measured over the weekend to handle a picture to spend 9 minutes, while the afternoon of the working day is only 1 minutes, so it is strongly recommended that you avoid more than people. But the latest version of the new version of the increase in waiting time for this function, can make you feel less anxious?

Alter for iOS 8.0+ iPhone and Android 4.1+ devices, iOS 6.6 version MB, Android version 2.6 MB, completely free.

ink watercolor master site: photo processing using Waterlogue #iOS

with watercolor style, has been recommended by the Store App Waterlogue will be your first choice. 12 kinds of authentic artistic style, the details of the picture, exposure, the frame of regulation, will be able to meet all your needs.

like Prisma use of artificial intelligence algorithms, Waterlogue style filter to the lines of the unit to paint, but also a lot of effort . With the progress of the loading, the picture from the start line, contour lines, ink effect increased gradually from shallow to deep, as if really witnessed a "world" in the painting process accelerated. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" the lower right corner of the thumbnail is not too accurate, for reference only. About sliding pictures, you can achieve the effect of revocation and rework.

watercolor dizzy effect real texture , completely different from the general filter, and can save the original uncompressed pixel, one of which may be the cause of Waterlogue enduring. Class= img_box "

Waterlogue "content_img_p" iOS is applicable to 8.0+ iPhone and iPad, the size of 48.2 MB, 25 yuan.

focus on the beauty of geometry: Trigraphy #iOS

retouching the advanced road endless, once found beauty can make pictures more interesting applications appear, how not to? Trigraphy focused on being able to combine all kinds of irregular geometric shapes, so that your photos are very unique . 4 kinds of texture style each one has his good points

Trigraphy built-in, each style has different styles to choose from, but also a lot of regulation on the details of the part, a higher degree of custom.

if you think lazy, you can click on the style button on the dice, the effect of all sorts of strange things randomly generated by the system, can make you satisfied. Class= img_box "

click on the lower right corner of the Flat button, can make the image effect has been generated by the end of the . With the eraser function of Trigraphy, you can display the erase the PS equivalent to the multiple masking effect, that is to say you can synthesize many different effects on the same graph of … … think they all feel very cool, isn't it?

Trigraphy had limited free, many readers are AppSo through the "Daily" free fresh took the app. Every day, click on the micro signal appsolution navigation bar, we can know what the quality of the day limit free app, we will select the iOS 1-2 client push notifications. Don't want to miss the benefits, remember to pay attention to us.

Trigraphy applicable to 8.2+ iPhone iOS and iPad, the size of 113 MB, free of charge, the total purchase price of 60 yuan, a one-time purchase of 25 yuan. A simple sketch: SketchPlus iOS

recover the original simplicity in all kinds of dazzling photo processing applications, page features a very simple SketchPlus was a clean, firmly lines to depict the images of light and dark, go sketch line recover the original simplicity. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" if the sketch is the most important, is the relationship between black and white, master performance skills. Then, the built-in SketchPlus routine, bold wave, 12 different black and white sketch style, although the lack of some delicate details, but has a relatively good. Pay 6 yuan or watch ads, but also unlock the 26 colors.

SketchPlus applicable to the 9.3+ iPhone iOS, the size of 28.7 MB, free of charge.

for retouching party, let the condensed memory pictures more gorgeous, in fact, is to make them look infinitely close to the most beautiful memories, this is the performance of the old days people cherish love.

therefore, I hope that the outstanding applications such as Prisma to pursue better algorithms are emerging, one day, in my mind to wake up your expectations in mind, the overhaul of the map industry prosperity. In this paper,

made better use of the original AppSo mobile phone products, pay attention to the micro signal appsolution, back to "get the" circle of friends "circle of friends for four years, but never found the function of … &hellip

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