More surprises glory 8 U.S. conference invitation exposure

Glory the United States the invitation the conference

zhongguancunzaixian· 2016-08-11 06:48:19

Zhongguancun online news: in Shanghai in July this year released new flagship series of glory glory 8 can be regarded as so far the glory of its highest yen value of a mobile phone, self released after attracted the attention of many. Recently, foreign media broke a glorious invitation, through the contents of the above can be seen the glory of 8 will be landing in the United States in the near future.

America glory 8 conference invitation from the information on the invitation is summarized, the glory of the new conference will be held in San Francisco in August 16th, and the two cameras above are clearly pointing to the glory of 8 flagship models. The glory of

8 is equipped with a 5.2 inches 1080p resolution screen, one hand holding a good sense. Front 8 million pixel camera as well as the back of 12 million two pixel dual camera, equipped with 2.3GHz Unicorn 950 processor, has a 3GB storage and 4GB shipped two versions.

glory overseas website gives the conference countdown

in invitation exposure at the same time, the glory of overseas websites also simultaneously appeared conference countdown, we can see that the conference theme is "2 is better than 1", promo the website also released the famous star Beckham son Broolyn for the glory of shooting and fise extreme sports video. Countdown from the point of view, from the glory of the 8 official landing in the United States and 6 days or so, let us wait and see it.

recall a month ago, the glory of the 8 Shanghai conference, which can be described as frequent bright spots. Glory in the theme of the conference is "the United States must be different", and the new machine after the appearance of the value also brought us a surprise. Dual camera join let the glory of 8 photo effect further, kylin 950 processor blessings to it good performance. And the landing in the United States, the theme of the conference is "2 better than is 1", is not suggesting that the conference in addition to glory 8, but also released other related products? Glory bracelet and other sports accessories are likely to be released at the same time. Although there is still some time away from the conference, but the invitation to bring us endless imagination we may wish to use their brains to make a guess.

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