China to climax a stern warning to promote British opening to China

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data image: Chinese ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming. Xinhua News Agency reporter Kang Yi photo original title: British media:

China in Britain issued a "stern warning" to promote the British opening to China

Reference News Network August 10th British media reported that Chinese issued its strongest warning yet to Britain, London on 18 billion pounds (1 pound about 8.68 yuan, the net of the note) nuclear power plant project for bilateral relations in "key historical node".

according to the British "Financial Times" website reported on August 8th, Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming of Beijing would like to see the British early approved controversial Hinkley point nuclear power project and the relations between the future clearly linked.

Liu Xiaoming wrote: "the current Sino British relationship is at a key point in the history of the node … … I hope the UK continues to open up to china. "

he hopes the British government will continue to support the" Hinkley point nuclear power project, make a decision as soon as possible, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project".

Britain last month to re evaluate this landmark agreement, so that people on the two countries to declare their relationship into the golden age of doubt. Under the agreement, the Chinese consortium will provide some of the funds for the nuclear power plant construction of the nuclear power plant in france.

a Chinese official said that if the UK is to cancel the agreement, China's other investment plans for the UK are likely to generate variable.

Liu Xiaoming pointed out that in the past 5 years, Chinese enterprise investment in the UK more than the sum of Germany, France and Italy three investment, now in the British decided to Hinckley corner project, should cherish the trust and respect between the two countries.

Liu Xiaoming said: "if the British Open is the conditions of cooperation between China and Britain, then mutual trust is the basis for cooperation between China and britain. According to Broadcasting British Corporation

"website reported on August 9th, in China ambassador that the Sino British Relations or by London postpone approval of Hinkley point nuclear power project and after the damage, the British government has defended a spokesman for the 9, as the new government's decision.

"this decision is about a huge infrastructure project, and the new government is right to think carefully about it. "The spokesman said in a statement.

according to the plan, the investment will account for Chinese Hinkley point nuclear power projects with a total investment of 1/3. But in the new British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei took office, Downing Street decided to postpone the approval of the project, not to make a decision before the fall.

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