Former Philippine President Arroyo again as deputy speaker

Arroyo Philippines speaker President

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data figure: former president of Philippines Arroyo

original title: Philippines's former president Arroyo came back when the vice president of

according to the "Philippines star" website reported on 10, the former president of Philippines, bon die Province congressman Arroyo 10 she said, the deputy speaker of the Philippines house of representatives.

4 sets of Philippines people's television reported that Arroyo will support President Duthel Te's administration in parliament. Arroyo has submitted a bill to Congress, called for the establishment of a constitutional convention to support the legislative agenda of the government of the. It is reported that Duthel Te has been pushing the reform of the political system, hope the Philippines, a centralized system to federal system.

7 19, the Philippines Supreme Court on the grounds of lack of evidence, dismissed the allegations of abuse of national lottery funds for Arroyo, and asked to immediately release her. Arroyo subsequently issued a statement to the Supreme Court and Duthel Te. According to Philippines GMA News reported that Arroyo was released on the same day, Philippines's first president Aquino III issued a statement questioning the Supreme Court's ruling, said Arroyo should be responsible for the country's lottery fund abuse case.

, 69 year old Arroyo served as president of Philippines from 2001 to 2010, and then elected to the office of the president of the house of representatives. In term of Aquino III, Arroyo 2011 accused of sabotaging the mid-term elections in 2007, after the arrest. October 2012, Arroyo and because of the abuse of the National Lottery Fund was arrested, has been held in the Veterans Memorial Medical center".

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