Russian experts rated 15 Fighters: crash. We also fell

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map: F -15 ship in Liaoning, ready to ski jump takeoff (photography Cha Chunming

) original title: Russian expert evaluation annihilates -15 crash: does not affect the Chinese ship loading machine development

Reference News Network reported on the Russian satellite in August 11 in August 9th reported that the China carrier based fighter f -15 at the end of April and crashed shortly before Chinese confirmed to the media, caused great repercussions. Russian military expert Cashin accepted the media interview on the matter to express their views:

accident itself is not surprising. Is in the beginning of the use of the general army aircraft, but also often encountered dangerous. And on the carrier aircraft, the risk of a large even more needless to say. China is trying to expand the number of carrier aircraft and trainer aircraft. Not long ago, the picture shows that the "Liaoning" aircraft carrying 8 fighters -15 aircraft. The total number of -15 may be more than 20. It can be speculated that now has trained about 20 carrier based aircraft pilots.

Russian carrier based aircraft development, there have been too many accidents. For example, in July 2001 the Russian Su -33 crashed aircraft maker, the Russian Navy Air Force Commander addas Keezer sacrifice. His plane was landing. But it's not a mechanical failure. The cause of the accident is the demonstration flight organization work is not in place, the pilots of their ability to estimate too high".

due to lack of funds, the development of Russian carrier based aircraft is very slow. From 90s to the beginning of this century, Russia's defense industry is also a lack of the Soviet era of senior personnel. Of course, China wants to develop its own carrier based aviation in the short term, and the new requirements are put forward for the industrial, technical personnel and pilots. To build aircraft carriers as soon as possible, and train the crew. Chinese people should develop a large number of senior experts in the short term, and this will not be plain sailing.

Russia in the end of the last century to the beginning of this century in the development of China's based on the development of cooperation in the development of the carrier based aircraft. China based on the purchase of samples and technology in Ukraine began to implement the plan independently. Because the field of developers are in Russia, increasing the risk of independent action of the technology. Due to the Russian navy to use similar aircraft carrier and technology, the two countries may wish to resume negotiations on cooperation, extensive exchange of their own experience.

Russia began for their new aircraft carrier equipped with lighter fighter MIG -29K, but not out of old Su -33, even for its improvement. With Sue -33 and MIG -29K aircraft carrier will leave for Syria the next few months, there will be the first to participate in combat, it will greatly enrich the carrier's combat experience.

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