Not only differentiated competition, three value of Jin M6 "breakdown" of the safety of mobile phone

Jin the value of mobile phone

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in this season "China new song", Professor Na Ying let the host Li Yong daughter photos on the mobile phone, convenient to see, Li Yong said: "I can't do that, mobile phone lost how to do?"


which makes the atlas atlas sister think Jin group chairman Liu Lirong in an interview said, Jin M6 high security card of the mind, in fact, from a friend's words: "mobile phone is lost how to do?"


  but, when the phone has become more than the wallet, the key is also important, and how many people think about the phone lost this thing? Once lost, the serious consequences can affect the man's life and family possessions. ".


can not deny that today's smart phone competition has long been differentiated, any new phone is bound to have its unique positioning. But if only the location of Jin M6 security chip, mobile phone security as a competitive differentiation, a new selling point to open up the market, which will undoubtedly want to have "small".


in Jin M6 before, as everyone knows, there are also some new mobile phone in part that "safe" gene, but like the Jin M6 so perfectly in the mobile phone chip hardware level, safety design of hardware and software integration, and the political and business people "the consumer group" hit "approach by Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue's spokesperson, unique in the industry.


and after security on mobile phone "small talk" approach compared to Jin M6 "through" mobile phone security will not only enhance the new level of mobile phone security, more importantly, Jin M6 let more consumers have to think about a problem: "the mobile phone is lost how to do?" -- to the big one, it will change the future of many people.


this is the larger pattern of jin.


we may wish to analyze the Jin type safety of the three major mobile phone breakthrough.


: "breakthroughs of the security chip to protect the privacy of


does not leak; now that most people care about the lost mobile phone is kept inside photos, SMS, contacts and Alipay property account information. Based on this sore point, Jin developed independent security chip, it also won the national certification authority.

  built-in hardware security encryption chip

Jin, the key operation can be completed independently in the chip, even if the destruction of the chip through the external force, can not restore the encrypted file, compared to software encryption, hardware encryption in computing, storage, information transmission is more secure.


; specifically, only the corresponding CPU encoding chip and each mobile phone, and CPU encoding is similar to the "identity card number" will not be repeated, this mechanism a machine code makes the chip transplant to another mobile phone will not take effect so that the mobile phone is lost is not terrible". If the phone is stolen, M6 series of mobile phone encryption data will not be lost because of the security encryption chip is damaged and lost protection. Users can log on their amigo account via PC or other mobile browser, in the cloud on the stolen phone lock or data destruction can be, to protect the information is not stolen. />


; so, Gionee security chip is at the bottom of a big breakthrough in mobile phone security, but also is a kind of let consumers be assured of very simple and effective method.


; "breakthrough two: the integration of hardware and software security


in addition to reshaping the mobile phone; the built-in security encryption chip Jin M6/M6 Plus, Jin also through the" flex "encryption, to further enhance the information security of mobile phone user data. To get maximum protection.


this Jin launched the "private space" in 2 is based on a hardware chip, plus the level of software support, to provide comprehensive protection for mobile phone information. Only through a specific way to enter, that is to say, only the owner of the right to view or delete the encrypted file. Not only files, APP, call records, SMS, etc. can be added to the private space". After the addition of either the system comes with APP, third party APP or connected to other devices are unable to view the encrypted content, only the owner can see in the private space, so that the privacy of others can not see".


; in addition, during the call by Jin M6/M6 Plus green call calls encryption, to achieve a "key words", to ensure the safety of the communication process. This is the basis for the phone call to improve the function, but also based on the past, the more the case, the more political and business people need this function. While the "green line" call process only rely on "data flow" or "WiFi network" can be realized. />

  security breakthrough

hardware and software integration and more than that, in terms of payment security, Jin M6/M6 Plus first opened the Alipay and WeChat's fingerprint payment function, automatic detection of APP financial system will detect the virus, once the mobile phone software will endanger the safety of prohibited installation. Secondly, in order to ensure that the application relates to the financial are in a safe state in the installation process and the use of the environment, Jin can do shielding on pseudo base station information, can identify the signal characteristics, a communication base station and shielding the authenticity of identification pseudo communication base station information, to protect the security of user information, to prevent fraud.


pseudo base station information, this is the current high-tech means of fraud, although the mobile phone itself is safe, but from a pseudo base station information still let users impossible to guard against. Gionee communication industry for many years based on the accumulation of knowledge, communication network and strength, in order to achieve "cloud + client security.


plus around the virtual location, call recording, anti harassment interception, mobile phone anti-theft, remittance tips, system repair, camera guards, killing the virus, password protection, mail application consisting of "ten security defense", it can be said that Jin already had do home security.


this is some of the Internet companies to secure mobile phone causes a "small talk", with 14 years of accumulation, the communications industry on the safety of the pain points change determination to do so the safety of the ultimate breakthrough.


three breakthrough:" spokesperson + marketing "


is more important, not only invited Jin right spokesperson at this level, in order to meet the new flagship machine market, Jin and two spokesperson together to build a mobile phone ring the first commercial mobile phone security "core war".


from the poster, to the trailer on the line, the film in the early stage has been the attention of all sectors. Jin through the star effect, plot picture speculation, early exposure action, the video information release layers, suspense campaign tactics not only a suction eye effect is obvious. According to

  shortly before the "Tencent 2016 mobile phone security report" shows that nearly half of mobile phone virus package to millions of monthly growth rate level, "with double force technology + decoy", so that the user terminal has replaced the PC impossible to guard against, mobile phone terminal becomes the network risk danger high, mobile phone security has become consumers are most concerned about the content.


combined with the needs of users, about the product concept in the best spokesperson, Jin since last year in marketing continues to force, but more important is the marketing to the floor.


Jin M series prior to the "super life", became the political and business people "palm treasure", and Jin M6/M6 Plus is not only the continuation of life, and with the safety as the core of the breakthrough point, to achieve the target population marketing breakthrough, it is also worth thinking about other mobile phone companies.


summary: to promote the mobile phone security needs more pattern of


mobile phone competition need to go different road, this is the industry norm. But in the development of differentiation at the same time, but also to lead the future, which is the direction of development of mobile phone companies.


from the mobile phone game Jin, not only the hardware chip level hardware and software integration platform is a breakthrough, armed to the teeth to reshape the safety of mobile phone, and the focus of the target population spokesperson + campaign play "concept in the security chip, mobile phone security, amplifying the spread out, let more people realize" how about lost mobile phone".


in the most popular, the highest rated entertainment "new song" China, Jin "real voice" title of this program, and play Feng Xiaogang and Shawn Yue endorsement advertising, security chip, security mobile phone voice constantly in front of an audience of flashbacks, make more people realize the importance of the safety of mobile phone.


; perhaps consumers may not choose Gionee mobile phone, but they will think about this problem. Today, how to emphasize mobile phone security is not too much, but still need to have a strong offensive marketing to drive consumers to change. This is the atlas atlas sister said, the pattern of the mobile phone security breakdown Jin pain points.


mobile phone has not only replaced the wallet, but also replace the key to become the future of all things Internet era of intelligent center. Hope that all of the mobile phone information is safe, which is a key point in the development of intelligent era.

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