Cloud breakthrough competition AI headlines? Apple purchase Turi to mention the iq"


yuntu· 2016-08-11 17:12:31

[Abstract]   recently, foreign media quoted sources said on Friday, apple spent $200 million acquisition of a company called Turi artificial intelligence start-ups, this is undoubtedly for apple to improve product and service their computing capacity to add force will.

absorb Turi, apple

  for apple, in addition to absorb Turi and its technology will allow Siri to directly benefit, will also Apple Music and App Store content more "intelligent" elements.

  the addition of Turi, apple can better make this company more technology and product integration.


Apple's move is regarded as the breakthrough of science and technology circle existing artificial intelligence pattern of a work, and compete with Google, Facebook, Amazon and other companies.


1) in January this year, apple first acquired the startup Emotient, the company is mainly the use of artificial intelligence technology on   emotion recognition and response.

source: Sohu data-source= technology

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