Single crab shameless life hunter has been playing bad.

Life talisman crab Hunter

tuwanwang· 2016-04-23 16:41:13

jungler was playing bad!

in the upcoming 6.8 version of the in the upcoming release, in addition to weaken the grip of the grip, the Riot also started to weaken the other means of life.

corruption potion and biscuits back to the blood to reduce, back to the blue to improve the

(ferocious Department of second) cooldown increased from 25 seconds to 30 seconds.

changes directly on the line response to the output cut, however, and there are dirty tricks. This method can achieve online super endurance. In the latest issue of "kanghan middle-aged man", laughing and developed a medium single crabs play routines, the disciplinary Flash + Hunter amulet wonderful routine truly realize the online "shameless life, pre unreasonably to shake up in the murder of tailor, in the late strokes + special installed 5 seconds up to 85% damage reduction effects. < p > then the routine why can play such a stunning effect, unique out loading and Summoner skills to bring law and what are the advantages? Let me come to you with decomposition in single amulet crab specific play Raiders.

in a single crab: shameless endurance + high reduction

routine core one: IMBA + special terrain

hunter's shield

in the wilderness +150% base mana regeneration.

- the only passive - damage to the wild strange fangs: when will continue to steal in 5 seconds from a total of 25 value of life. Each kill a large wild monster will get +15 extra experience value. < p > this is the time to to explain why Eritrea ghat this routine play to hit the road, because of the topographic features of road, Ecuador ghat on line can easily use e skills play to F4 creeps. Due to the gat e skills sustained injury time 5 seconds, each creeps 5 blood, four 20, continuous 5 seconds and e skills last hop will give you a buff, with the talent of the runic power armor, reply to a e ability of blood has about 200.

other applicable single hero:

, Runes: < / strong > Eritrea ghat hero orientation is poke long-range shooter. May everyone thought poke think hot version of the armor penetration. However, Ecuador ghat itself comes with armor e skills and partial meat outfit decided he could not choose armor penetration runes. < p > specific character profiles is the essence of the attack force X3, mark 9 attack power, Fu printing fixed armor 9 and Glyph of fixed magic anti * 9.

second, talent: < / strong > Eritrea ghat has a very unique talent point method, touch of Mars and Pluto is very suitable for used to improve his poke damage. In addition to the ferocious 18 point talent, another 12 point talent distribution strongly in line can further enhance the endurance of Ecuador ghat. < p > single Eritrea ghat core play

line to try to change blood pressure of your opponent, home first goddess tears to fast folding magic cut damage has been increased. 6 after class can call wild Gank, R first hand die.

2. battle group during the period of: fist of ice Ecuador ghat sticky output ability very strong, open group before using EQ penetration poke, open group with ice boxing QAQA crazy to output. In a number of advantages, Eritrea ghat can be active in the R group and normal 5v5 formation battle group in Ecuador ghat strokes can be used after both sides, for the first round of the main skills, in order to prevent the damage reduction has not yet reached over 85% when they were massed spike. Upwind

3. play: headwinds period Eritrea ghat first optimistic about their positions on the team, if the team can trust core output, then you can r with the regiment's teammates control skills open group control anti damage; if the team is in great need of their contribution to output, then you need to make your outfit partial output and try to play more damage to help the team. < p > upwind of some common sense and certainly not less, with blue jewelry helped the team to do the necessary vision, around the Allied defensive towers and a strong fight and so on. < p > practical skills & a sequence

the hero, practical skills

Ecuador gat the overall operation is relatively simple, very suitable for beginners to quickly master the core gameplay.

1.EQ Erlian: e skill damage is good, and the sunder, e enemy as soon as the enemy in your field of vision and your Q skills in the right direction can track hit, about 2500 yards, is Ecuador ghat core combo.

2.WAQA (ice boxing): in singled out in the process, the first cast W, make use of the w Pugong deceleration and shield adhesion play, in the enemy is decelerated when cast e skills can be accurately hit, thus EQ Erlian output mode. After having an ice punch, your sticky strength will reach the top.

second, the assembly sequence is

1. go out to pack: because Ecuador ghat talent point method is 18-0-12. So the reuse of drops of income than ordinary life potion, and each home charging can, can save a lot of drug money.


2. over loading: the goddess of tears is a must first out of the equipment. After the tears of the goddess can choose to drink with our AP can counteract each other, flare picks and other necessary pieces.

3. core: and blue EZ, like ice boxing + magic cut, CD shoes can also be replaced by mercury.

4. Liushen: under normal circumstances the God is put a few pieces of above, the blood in the hands and the challenge of playing wild knife essential, shoes and drinking diffusal blade can according to different situation for other equipment. < p > recommended mix & restraint hero

recommendation combination

smiled and Boxer 7 Ecuador ghat + end of the field in combination called a perfect match. In addition to the end and after versions of most of the strong play wild can in Ecuador ghat reach level 6 completed with perfect combo, such as gun man, thousands of Jue, blind monk and so on are very good. Of course, no matter what the field, if you can give you even the best combination of F4. < p > in the match squad, Ecuador ghat itself belongs to the ad output, so in Eritrea ghat single, team best can have very good AP single or playing field exists, so as not to in the late let team output becomes weak. Active restraint

second, the restraint hero

1. this routine to play Ecuador Bogart as long as F4, combined with the remote output and EQ Erlian advantages exist in no natural enemies on the line. Of course, if it is some know this routine, on line to counseling in a single word, Eritrea ghat is not any way.

2. restraint: the shortcomings of Eritrea ghat is in addition to R, no displacement, battle group is easy to fly a kite, some playing remote poke flow hero more restraint in Ecuador ghat. And Ecuador gath and later the output offset weakness in, and did not any way dash back to kill, so in the face of the other thick front will be very difficult to beat. Conclusion

on single talisman crab dirty routine first introduced to the game. Want to try this super BT play small partners suggested to play match practice, the in the mind a spectrum before qualifying, to find the best play wild small partner double row or multi row oh. Otherwise, few people would give up the F4.

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