The Great Wall will thank the summer show invitations

Invitation letter the Great Wall performance

changchenghui· 2016-08-12 07:43:55



thank you for your trust and support over the years!


because of you, the Great Wall will have nearly 800 industry elite business leaders and members, for 8 consecutive years in the world successfully hosted the global mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), and innovation to create cross-border technology and traditional industry cooperation platform. In order to express your sincere gratitude, the Great Wall will invite you to join the National Swimming Center to watch the large musical "the bird's nest in


Venue: National Swimming Center (Water Cube)



in a crowded, noisy, haze in the city, where the painter pursuing nature pure color and image. When he tired to sleep, he carefully painted ShuiXianzi alive, his dream from the studio to the fam.

life in the front and the romantic moment and all the water fairies fall in love, let it have been like water under the fairy rapist panic vindicated palpitations, and the water fairy who give up love with money, power and the promise of eternal life to the painter......

in the water cube magic dance on the stage, you will see the ---

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Top scene "text-align: center style=

naked eye 3D,


wonderful water elemental force MAX

water element "line-height: 1.75em;" > staged multiple surprises! Break through the limits of water aircraft carrying the rapist "Feiliu", Ukraine diving team from afar with special skills, earn exclaimed again and again!


love dance such as life  

dance life , the dance of life as a dancer will be addicted in this full of thousands of the charm of the stage, they will be for all of life upon this love, not to be missed!


clown acrobatics

double hanging silk , high difficulty and breathtaking acrobatics, and more Exquisite performance clown on stage you tease the atmosphere...

the Great Wall partners: please contact customer representatives for the Great Wall tickets

other the Great Wall: " name + email "to apply for tickets, each person may receive 1

votes are limited, first come first served!

tips: 1 meters below 2 children free of charge, suggested above 12 years old children. />

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