Not afraid of dirty tired! See the "forgotten angels" how to use force to beautify the home planet foreworld

Earth how angel

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" rather dirty one, in exchange for million net ", the cleaners work though ordinary, but as the city's" scavenger ", as the" lung of the city ", no matter where they are to be honored. Cleaners quietly dedication, like angels guardian of the city, there should be a "angel" as the film works to their sound.

God said to the angel

so, then the angel

although the film is a main melody the film, but different from other types of film, will ink spent in depicting the protagonist, or is the hero Gao Daquan, portrayed the noble personality like primary school textbooks in illustration; artificial or sensational, Kudachoushen, the hero's life miserable, can not wait for the hero to write "Tang Bohu scholar" than the beggar in the worse.

cleaners looked at the beloved Premier Zhou, speechless. Via

"forgotten angels" is really not so bad />

abandoned the past routine, "forgotten angels" in originality, is the perspective on the cleaning workers family and friendship, with the father and the son, uncle and Lolita, these dramatic elements, make the characters more three-dimensional, let itself is full of the color theme film adds many ornamental.

father and son, and bicycle, constitutes a movie part of the family. See these images, always reminiscent of the history is regarded as a classic "the bicycle thief", the Dexika God, that is an introductory course on college students film film must see a movie? In the forgotten angel, but also learn from the Italy classic film on the real life of the description, real and rich texture, the way to do the essence of life.

New Realism film classic textbook, "the bicycle thief"

in the affection of father and son by bike repeatedly contact

and Eason Chan's classic song: "difficult to leave and there are always some reason, so can not shirk then, let the world cold, think of the bicycle, and happiness can be borrowed." A handful of numbers, is to sing the deep and broad love. Although this song is not the theme song of the film, but it is out of the connotation, it is also the director of the film want to express something.

cleaning bicycle cleaning workers working day essential tools. Riding on a bicycle to work every day to the cleaners, but also have a profound revolutionary friendship "". It is hard to imagine that they had through this bike simple transportation, dragging behind the heavy trash, to every corner of Ruo Dayi City, if they are angels, cleaning cars and broom would be regarded as angel wings.

all walks of life have their own trade secret sorrow, from dawn to dusk every day doing the dirty work of the cleaners is even more so. And out of a professional occupation, the profession is often subjected to discrimination. A lot of young, ambitious, unwilling to endure, feel wronged. As the film industry cleaner "old gun" male, but his personality touched a young man, let them more recognition of their trades, after all, they are the forgotten angel.

more low-level role, more is to test the actor the ability to perform one of the best in the industry, many actors are not get exercise by play dry dirty work and the underlying role, growing up?

yellow Bogan too dirty (into the sewer thief)

Bao Beier did the dirty work (in the bunker

roll in mud run and male gods goddesses "

and above these dirty than when playing this kind of dirty cleaners and cleaners, though Although tired, but the heart is more practical. So why do you feel inferior and shed tears? In the performance of the actors confident and hard, filled with full of simple and sincere.

by Qiao Changhao film studio, domand planning network exclusive release of the film" the forgotten angels "in August 11th will be the full online line. Angels have never left, angels should not be forgotten, click on the link below, in this film to enjoy the "angels" to bring the audience to bring the soul of the purification movement!

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