College students to stop the killing of 80 thousand families were killed in sympathy gold

College students sympathy criminals family members

xinkuaibao· 2016-08-13 05:45:04

Express News reporter Yang Yingjie Intern Su Hangui reported yesterday morning, the Dongguan Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Deng Zhiguang rate to Wang Wang family condolences group condolences to their families. City of two to Wang Wang Wang Wang family members issued 80 thousand yuan of sympathy. Wang Wang said the father, I hope the police can solve the case as soon as possible, punish the murderer. It is reported that the police have mastered the killer related situation, is now fully carry out case investigation work.

Wang Wang father rented a place located behind, Gaobu town Gaobu hospital building houses 5 floor of a room. Deng Zhiguang went to the living room and Wang Wang's father met face is very dignified, next door to the bedroom constantly heard crying mother Wang piercing sound. Deng Zhiguang clenched Wang Wang's father's hand, said: "you have a good, brave son. "And told him to take care of the body, Deng Zhiguang said:" Wang Wang has come forward to stop criminals heroic deeds worthy of recognition, the public security department will identify the case as soon as possible, the perpetrators will be brought to justice as soon as possible. "

brought his son Wang Wang's name, father Wang had tears, he said, as a father, when he was in the hospital to see the moment the son was carried out, his son's eyes are not closed. "The murderer killed my son's life. It's so damn bad. "Father Wang in front to conceal the lost son pain, crying loudly, he said, hope the police can solve the case as soon as possible, to punish the murderer, let the son dead also can close my eyes.

Deng Zhiguang said that in the future if Wang Wang one family had difficulty in Gaobu town working life, will try to help. Subsequently, the Dongguan municipal government to Wang Wang family issued 50 thousand yuan condolences to Kim, Gaobu town government released 30 thousand yuan condolences, condolences to the local part of the villagers CunZhiShu also brought gold to father Wang hand. Nancheng

according to police briefing yesterday, the case in Nancheng Hongfu Road, police have mastered the relevant circumstances in view of the murderer, the case is under further investigation, yet to disclose more details. At present, the police have been linked to the case was a thief stealing the mobile phone of the victim, the victim has been confirmed that a thief is stealing.

(New Express)

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