[three] the preview section to help the National Amateur Badminton Club Badminton Tournament "Hunan food cup" Changsha races

Badminton club Changsha events

sancaitiyu· 2016-08-13 18:10:32

2016 National Amateur Badminton Club" Hunan food cup "Changsha races ,


Dimas invite you Pay attention to the game! Dimas will provide the ball with the excellent quality of the game for the game, but also at the scene with you for the contestants cheer! This event with the ball by Dimas "three section" D75 in the arena of its outstanding performance has been the majority of golfers and coaches must! I believe this game can also be the icing on the cake, add power!

purchase hotline:

organizer: Changsha Badminton Association

sponsor: Hunan grain group

game time: August 2016 27-28,

Venue: Central South University of Forestry and Technology badminton hall

  address: Hunan Province, Shaoshan City, Changsha Road No. 498 (Changsha campus)
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three attention sports, immediately grasp the" three stage "badminton hand information! Dimas's official Taobao store:

three sports (D400-004-5992)

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